Black Widow (feat. Rita Ora) [Remixes] - Iggy Azalea

Black Widow (feat. Rita Ora) [Remixes] MP3 Download

Iggy Azalea

  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2014-01-01
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 10
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Title Time
Download Black Widow (feat. Rita Ora) 3:39
Download Black Widow (feat. Rita Ora) 5:41
Download Black Widow (feat. Rita Ora) 3:24
Download Black Widow (feat. Rita Ora) 5:41
Download Black Widow (feat. Rita Ora) 5:07
Download Black Widow (feat. Rita Ora) 3:22
Download Black Widow (feat. Rita Ora) 4:24
Download Black Widow (feat. Rita Ora) 5:31
Download Black Widow (feat. Rita Ora) 3:17
Download Black Widow (feat. Rita Ora) 4:35


  • Trash

    By Juczzzz
    Rip to rap
  • Rogue's remix should of been here to download :/

    By Epicmaster2025
    So yea
  • If a song says the f word, its explicit....

    By jessa.bush
    i love the Dank Remix, no questions asked, but when i bought it, i made sure it didnt have the red E next to it, it didnt so i bought it, but it still says the f word....... kinda irritaring. other than that i love this remix.
  • Love it!

    By Jsa1192
    Love this song! It was one of my first faves off TNC so this song will always be special to me ❤️ :) I love Iggy & can't wait to see her live!!!
  • Great

    By wow this is great
    trying to appropriate black culture. Our society continues to feed into this garbage. Sad, sad, sad…. Begging for you to stop please. Racist and homophobic. Do not need you as a role model for anyone. She should learn about American culture before she tries to capitalize off it!
  • Sorta

    By tevin.rae
    I wish they had the radio edit I like that one.
  • Really?

    By Random artist876
    For everyone who hates this song for "lack of talent" Iggy azalea is a great artist and the remixes are awesome. There is no reason to be like that... You're all acting like you're ten year olds fighting on the internet. Stop being fools.

    By gogurl105
  • Only on top of the charts because Iggy Azalea

    By ThePizzaMan#2
    It's unfortunate that producers such as Vice and Justin Prime only can get exposure from remixing a popular, yet untalented rapper's song. I'm not giving this album one star for the quality of the productions, because none of them are bad. However, this marketing scheme is frustrating.
  • 😐😐

    The only thing I wish was the cover art to be release as a single song on here