She's In Control - Chromeo

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  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2004-02-17
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 11
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Title Time
Download Me and My Man 4:19
Download Needy Girl 4:17
Download You're So Gangsta 4:01
Download Woman Friend 3:46
Download Destination - Overdrive 3:55
Download Rage! 4:34
Download Since You Were Gone 2:56
Download Way Too Much 4:08
Download Mercury Tears 4:01
Download Ah Oui Comme Ca 5:20
Download She'z N Control 3:14


  • Good, but they have better!

    By jen8287
    I became a Chromeo fan when the Fancy Footwork album came out. A few of these songs are good, but this album has tough competition against the Fancy Footwork and Business Casual albums.
  • All the Modern 80s Rip-Offs that you want (No time machine required)

    By Kentucky F. Chicken
    NOTE: This is a very elaborate review. 3 years ago, I cut myself from the music world. Then, I thought music was boring, & I was suffering from "Burnout". Now, I go to a Performing Arts School, with people who obsess over their IPods. I just revently got my 1st IPod EVER!!! & tried to find some music that wouldn't make me cringe. Ironically, this was the 1st band I "stumbled upon". Based on reviews, I have to agree. Favorite Song: Rage! Favorite line: "Is that the way you treat your mother f---ing friend." (Rage!)
  • chromeo is hot!

    By 3TXF
    They're old school, yet they are not-a smooth mix of 70;s-80's electro-funk and today's synth-pop that really gets you dancing! Dave and P are totally in sync-no surprise they grew up together. I wish they'd play at my wedding!!
  • Awesome

    By Luke Hand Does
    Remember the little mini-game in Mario Paint for SNES where you swat flies with the little hand? Remember the really funky music for the 2nd level? This is like a whole album of that.
  • Can't stop listening to Need Girl!!

    By J.Fo
    Awesome 80's electrofunk at its best! I play Needy Girl on repeat it is my new favorite song!!
  • almost perfect

    Rage! is simply an amazing track...some of the songs are ok but most are very good. if you like this you should check out their other album Fancy Footwork.
  • Funk REVIVAL!!!!!!!

    By mynameisaflower
    Chromeo's funk revival is the spot. With songs like "You're So Gangsta", they take old school dance funk music and bring it back with their own touch. Very nice album. You should purchase it, then put it on to dance. Wish more stuff like this would be played. CHROMEO!
  • Chromeo is an old, new sound...

    By Purpleessence
    It brings back the carefree sounds of the early 80's funk mixed in with some classy vocals and rockin' beats, but it has a modern edge. This style is refreshing. It's groovy but has some real bass. To me, it bridges the gap all the way from disco to alternative rock. It gets me into a funky groove. My bf says it's just manipulated old tracks, (even though he likes them too), but I don't care if it is, it's very original sounding for today and I'm addicted!
  • Bonified Refreshing~!

    By postxtito
    just an amazing compilation of music that digs down into your dance soul, and inspires you to move the louder the music is. It moves completely thru your soul and reminds you how free and fun music is and reminds you of what it was like to dance all night in those days of when all u did was stay out at a night club, dance, drink, and dance some more to your favorite dance songs of yesterday! Definetly a great party album, that doesnt stop, and will impress those friends with your great taste in music and choices to keep a party going! its a must listen and have to your collection! and yes these guys are a definet product of the eightees ! god bless!
  • I kind of get it.

    By VWK2
    Its to much aof a carbon copy of Club Nouveau (look up the song Rumors to see what I mean). I know they arn't meant to be taken too seroiusly, but they go a little too far. Not bad for background party music