Confessions on a Dance Floor - Madonna

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  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2005-11-14
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 12
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Title Artist Time
Download Hung Up Madonna 5:37
Download Get Together Madonna 5:14
Download Sorry Madonna 4:41
Download Future Lovers Madonna 5:01
Download I Love New York Madonna 4:35
Download Let It Will Be Madonna 4:20
Download Forbidden Love Madonna 4:22
Download Jump Madonna 3:58
Download How High Madonna 4:03
Download Isaac Madonna 5:59
Download Push Madonna 3:32
Download Like It or Not Madonna 4:35


  • Ahead of its time!

    By Buteboi
    12 years later and I'm still in love with this album!
  • Wow

    By joshhp
    Absolutely flawless, is there nothing this woman can't accomplish? A fan from the 80s-00'S. Wow
  • Such a good album!

    By Redsonja93
    This a must buy for everyone!!
  • Amazing

    By pba1979
    The best dance songs! Love it
  • Fave Album

    Still my favourite album almost 10 years after release. Perfect in every way, always feels fresh :-)
  • A great disco album

    By Brandoonnnnn
    Very dance // disco orientated and this is classic Madonna style. Her voice really suits the songs and it's like an on going party. One of her finest works to date!
  • A great disco album

    By Brandoonnnnn
    Very dance // disco orientated and this is classic Madonna style. Her voice really suits the songs and it's like an on going party. One of her finest works to date!
  • Pop classic by the queen of Pop

    By Urbanology
    Madonna at her best! Pop at its' loudest :) brilliant
  • Best dance album of 00's!

    By michaelMDNAA
    Madonna returned in 2005 with her 10th studio album after a staggering 22 years in the industry. After 2003's American Life proved to be less successful than her previous work she decided to go back to her roots and create a dance album. However, this isn't just a dance album its a dance masterpiece. The album boasted 4 singles, 2 of which were international smash hits. It's elad single 'Hung up' which uses the iconic sample of ABBA's Gimme Gimme Gimme a man after midnight went to number one in 41 countries making a world record. It later sold over 9 million copies and proved to be the biggest dance hit of the decade. 'Sorry', the albums 2nd single continued the success. It became her 12th UK number one single and also reached the top of many charts around the globe. There were also 2 other singles which proved to be dance hits. The album itself recieved acclaim from fans and critics alike. With a score of 80/100 on Metacritic and in excess of 12 million copies sold worldwide. Every song on this album is great, nothing disapoints Songs such as 'Hung up', 'Let it will be' 'Isaac' shine through as some of her best dance works. She proved that she may be 47 but Madonna had not lost her touch.
  • This Is Getting Ridiculous...

    By What Sound
    Kylie actually delved back into disco music in 2000 on her hit comeback album "Light Years". During promotion for the album and subsequent tour, she spoke of her love for the 1970s and the music of Donna Summer and ABBA. Kylie also showed her admiration for Summer by sampling her hit "I Feel Love" during the live peformance of "Light Years" on her Fever2002 Tour. What did Madonna do? Yep, that's right, sampled "I Feel Love" during the live peformance of "Future Loves" on the 2006 Confessions Tour. How original. Then there's the Goldfrapp-esque "Like It or Not". For the song, Madonna took her love and admiration for Goldfrapp to the next level, completely ripping off their sound and Alison Goldfrapp's vocal and fashion style. Alison later said : "She's brilliant at borrowing other people's ideas." The imagery Madonna used during Confessions consisted of simple rehashes of other people's ideas - Tina Turner as the Acid Queen in Tommy, Ann-Margret in Tommy, Kylie in her 2003 "Love Kylie" lingerie photo shoot (the pose with the two relfections, the red hair) as well as imagery from Kylie's "Chocolate" and "I Believe in You" music videos. Madonna even lifted the conversion scene from Ken Russell's "Mahler" for her performance on the cross during her 2006 tour. Even Amanda Lear wasn't safe, being the obvious inspiration behind Madonna's look (hair, clothes) in the Hung Up video.