Aftershock - Tour Edition - Motörhead

Aftershock - Tour Edition MP3 Download


  • Genre: Metal
  • Release Date: 2013-10-18
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 29
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Title Artist Time
Download Heartbreaker Motörhead 3:05
Download Coup de Grace Motörhead 3:45
Download Lost Woman Blues Motörhead 4:09
Download End of Time Motörhead 3:17
Download Do You Believe Motörhead 2:59
Download Death Machine Motörhead 2:37
Download Dust and Glass Motörhead 2:51
Download Going To Mexico Motörhead 2:51
Download Silence When You Speak To Me Motörhead 4:30
Download Crying Shame Motörhead 4:28
Download Queen of the Damned Motörhead 2:40
Download Knife Motörhead 2:57
Download Keep Your Powder Dry Motörhead 3:54
Download Paralyzed Motörhead 2:50
Download Damage Case (Live) Motörhead 3:44
Download Stay Clean (Live) Motörhead 3:19
Download I Know How To Die (Live) Motörhead 2:54
Download Metropolis (Live) Motörhead 4:00
Download Over the Top (Live) Motörhead 2:53
Download The Chase Is Better Than the C Motörhead 7:35
Download Rock It (Live) Motörhead 3:28
Download Lost Woman Blues (Live) Motörhead 4:31
Download Doctor Rock (Live) Motörhead 9:10
Download Just `Cos You Got the Power (L Motörhead 6:50
Download Going To Brazil (Live) Motörhead 2:42
Download Killed By Death (Live) Motörhead 5:19
Download Ace of Spades (Live) Motörhead 3:49
Download Overkill (Live) Motörhead 8:30