I'm Breathless (Music from and Inspired By the Film Dick Tracy) - Madonna

I'm Breathless (Music from and Inspired By the Film Dick Tracy) MP3 Download


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 1990-05-18
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 12
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Title Artist Time
Download He's a Man Madonna 4:44
Download Sooner or Later Madonna 3:20
Download Hanky Panky Madonna 3:59
Download I'm Going Bananas Madonna 1:43
Download Cry Baby Madonna 4:05
Download Something to Remember Madonna 5:04
Download Back In Business Madonna 5:13
Download More Madonna 4:58
Download What Can You Lose Madonna 2:09
Download Now I'm Following You, Pt. 1 Madonna 1:34
Download Now I'm Following You, Pt. 2 Madonna 3:18
Download Vogue (Edit Version) Madonna 4:49


  • Totally unexpected

    By Brandoonnnnn
    I never expect much from soundtracks as most of the time they're rushed out to cash in. With this I found it was amazing and it grows on me more and more with each listen. I really enjoy Madonna's sound on this album and I do listen regularly. Highly recommend
  • So good

    By PolishGuyInUK
    I don’t have strong opinion about her voice and I don’t get turned by pop songs any more but this album she made (maybe accidentally trying to pursuit her film career ) is exceptional. She’s kind of Broadway singer, not a great voice but fantastic interpretation and charisma. Someone has written one of the best Broadway songs in history for this album and musical soundtracks never sound as good as this . She did great job. “More’ is such a classic for me,sounds like it’s been around for 50 years. It really shows her talent. Madonna, can you make another album like this please?
  • Her best studio album

    By misssophieh
    I love love love this album. Had it on tape originally and don't know what happened to it, so bought it again on here. It's such a great album, diverse (ballads and fun, bouncy songs) and she sounds great on it. This was, for me, when Madonna was at her absolute best. A must have.
  • Wow

    By girlings
    Such a good feel happy album, something about the era off music
  • Retro

    By behold
    See she even did retro rat-pack music before anybody else! Eat your heart out Robbie Williams!
  • Not one bad song!

    By mlhmusic
    Madonna has been quoted as saying this is her favourite album and tha there's not one bad song on here, and she's SOOOOO right! Each song is amazing! My favourites include 'More' 'Cry Baby' 'Back In Business' 'Hanky Panky'. But 'Sooner Or Later' is simply AMAZING! I love Sondhiem and this song captures the 1940's nightclub feel perfectly! and then to top it all off 'Vogue' wich is without a shadow of a doubt Madonna's best song EVER! This album is perfction! Madonna will have to work her overly exercised a** off to top this!
  • Im Breathless

    By Markdavies156
    This album shows that Madonna can take any genre and turn it into addictive classy pop. However, those used to Madonna's reguler pop might want to stay clear from this album as the music on there is not her usaul style and could leave you dissapointed. Before buying have a good listen, if you not a fan of this genre of music then i suggest not buying it.
  • One of my Favourites

    By vividblonde
    This came out just before the Blond Ambition tour kicked off so it was not only part soundtrack to Dick Tracey but the soundtrack to the height of Madonna's career. This in fact is actually her firth studio album but is never mentioned that way as peeople assume that it is a soundtrack album, in fact there are only three songs from the film. He's a Man would have made a great James Bond theme tune! Steve
  • I'd forgotten how good it was!

    By craigyboy909
    I've been a Madonna fan forever, and this is one of the lesser known albums.Only two tracks have surfaced again on Greaest Hits compilations (Something to Remember, and Vogue) probably because the others were written to be the soundtrack to Dick Tracy rather than songs for their own merit. That said, it is a cracking album, and takes me right back to the days of being on caravan holidays with my mum, dad, sister and my walkman! The songs are full of character, and suit the 1940's style of the film. I'm Going Bananas, Cry Baby, and Now I'm Folloing You are my personal faves!
  • fun n sassy

    By lightstar
    A fun sassy 40's inspired album. She really shows great vocals on here and she seems liek the true superstar she is. She does the vamp so well. Not every1s cup of tea but its really fun and dramatic. This is actually quoted as being madonnas favorite album she loves it still to this day suprisingly she says.