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  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 1983-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 10
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Title Artist Time
Download Lucky Star Madonna 5:33
Download Borderline Madonna 6:57
Download Burning Up Madonna 3:45
Download I Know It Madonna 3:43
Download Holiday Madonna 3:51
Download Think of Me Madonna 4:54
Download Physical Attraction Madonna 6:34
Download Everybody Madonna 6:02
Download Burning Up Madonna 5:55
Download Lucky Star Madonna 7:15


  • Touched For The Very First Time...

    By behold
    Back in the day you could put out an album and it would take months to break the chart.....that is exactly what happened here with Madonna's near classic debut self penned opus. It was released in the UK in the Autumn of 1983 and 2 singles preceeded it with very little if any publicity at all. She did a special on Channel 4's the Tube to great critical success and later would perform Holiday on Top Of The Pops. Holiday itself would steadily climb the chart to number 6 and sell an astonishing 789, 598 copies making it one of her most succesful singles here. The second single released was Lucky Star and with no publicity whatsoever it limped into the chart at number 54.......Borderline faired better reaching number 41 but altogether didnt have the success that she had already had in her native America and Australia. Also the failiure to release Burning Up as a single in the UK was further a mistake on Warners part, it actually had a classic video and appealed more to the UK rock/new romantic scene, still the singles would be re-released with better promotion and ALL would make the top 10 UK chart in 1984. Proof therefore that the songs were quality but seriously lacked the promotion, 1983 was a different place, no internet, no celebrity magazines.....people in the UK by and large relied heavily on dance shows such as Top Of The Pops.....prior to her performance in 1983 Holiday was languishing at number 29, the week after her performance it shot straight to number 12 then steadily rose to number 6. If she had performed ALL her singles on the show when released with better promotion iam 100% positive that ALL would have made the top 10 the first time round. Coincidentally the album took a whole year to make it to number 5 where it peaked in august 1984, a year after its release.....the album was then re-packaged and re-promoted just as Like A Virgin was entering the top 3....shame, the original cover was stunning, simple and remains an iconic cover that in UK format is now near impossible to find, especially on CD format, the latter replacement has now been discontinued and im glad, the original was and still is totally Madonna. And what of the music? In the UK we were obsessed with new romanticism, synth driven dance and ska music, Madonna kind of fitted somehwere between disco and new wave dance, a scene which was very up and coming, it wasnt that the music wasnt good, we had just forgotten what dance truly was. She showed us. Once the airplay had gained and we knew who she was the singles and albums steadily climbed the charts. Her debut album still is my favorite album, its raw quirky-ness, its simple rythms and R&B roots are as infectious as pop music ever was or has been. There were some songs left off the album which didnt make the final cut, songs like Aint No Big Deal and Crimes Of Passion which would, at the time, made it more of a proper album with 10 songs as a posed to 8, and they were good. Still it reached number 5 in the UK charts and went on to sell an impressive 895, 983 copies......not bad for a debut. This was an album which paved the way for the mega-star that would dominate the charts for nearly 30 years and give us such iconic classics as Holiday, Borderline and Luckystar......probarbly the best pop classics of all time, we would have to wait until 1989's Cherish before she got her bubblegum pop groove back, this is a fantastic album and a real timeless listen, full of niaivity and exuberance. A real pop gem.
  • Pop Perfection

    By Express Yourself!!!
    I first bought this album back in the early 80s and having not listened to it for a while, it still blows me away now as much as it did back fact I am probably even more impressed in 2017, an age where iconic pop stars who make consistently great pop music no longer seem to exist. Every single song on this album has stood the test of time and still sounds as cool and fresh as it did on first release. Favourites include the classics, Holiday, Borderline, Burning Up, Lucky Star and the highly underrated Think of Me. Thanks to iTunes for the extra mixes of Burning Up and Lucky Star. If you want to invest in some of the best pop music ever made, you should buy this album. It's timeless pop perfection!
  • Madonna's amazing debut

    By Brandoonnnnn
    For a debut album which Madonna wrote entirely herself, this is incredible. Some of her finest singles like Holiday and Burnin' Up are featured here. It still remains a classic album to this day, a must buy for 80s fans!
  • Madonna's amazing debut

    By Brandoonnnnn
    For a debut album which Madonna wrote entirely herself, this is incredible. Some of her finest singles like Holiday and Burnin' Up are featured here. It still remains a classic album to this day, a must buy for 80s fans!
  • The legendary debut of Madonna

    By michaelMDNAA
    In 1983 few people had heard of Madonna in the Uk. That was until she released her iconic hits- 'Borderline' 'Lucky Star' & of course 'Holiday' which all became hits. This is one of the best Dance-Disco albums I have ever heard. The album hasn't got the best production, it doesn't showcase Madonna greatest artisitc achievements but it does show she is a dancer at heart and with that comes her ability to make an amazing album that will get anyone dancing. The first time I heard it I instantly fell in love with it. It just sounds 'iconic'. My favourites are 'Lucky Star', 'Physical Attraction' & 'Holiday'. This is music history and is what catapulted Madonna, the biggest female star in history, to fame.
  • Amazing !

    By pba1979
    The best debut album ever ! Pop classics!
  • Recycled

    By What Sound
    "Holiday" is a blatant rip-off of the 1981 song "Look of Love" by ABC.
  • Raw, sweet and innocent

    Raw, sweet, innocent, fantastic. I fell in love with this album in the early 80s while shopping in woolworths. Such a great album and cover
  • Madonna

    By Jorjymr
    containing the hit singles: holiday, borderline and lucky star, madonna has lit a rather acceptable flame threw out the album, however it really lacks that hotter, more powerful fire as cast in her further other albums. But bare in mind this is only the beginning of the queen of pop we know of today and is an area where that weak flame will gradually develop. This is all in all a fair played debut that we should easily feel grateful for and no matter how weak be this album, there is still the odd moment we love.
  • My review

    By Miami-fever
    Great album love all the songs madonna is the best.