Bedtime Stories - Madonna

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  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 1994-10-14
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 11
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Title Artist Time
Download Survival Madonna 3:31
Download Secret Madonna 5:04
Download I'd Rather Be Your Lover Madonna 4:39
Download Don't Stop Madonna 4:38
Download Inside of Me Madonna 4:11
Download Human Nature Madonna 4:53
Download Forbidden Love Madonna 4:09
Download Love Tried to Welcome Me Madonna 5:21
Download Sanctuary Madonna 5:03
Download Bedtime Story Madonna 4:52
Download Take a Bow Madonna 5:21


  • Great sounding album

    By dimeslag
    For me the 90s is when Madonna really found her real sound. This album and the album titled something to remember are little appreciated gems. They were not too pop, not too dance but had their own sound which is hard to find these days. Check it out.
  • One of Madonna’s Best

    By _ChrisGallagher_+
    Wish that she could return to making genius records like this one, but I’m guessing those days are over. I still love her. Secret, Bedtime Story and Take a Bow are just stunning singles.
  • Pariah Scarey?

    By Rinkydinkmcr
    Madonna is miles ahead of mooriah Scarey in every way. Always was. Always will be
  • Brilliant and timeless

    By Ross18newc
    Underrated album, catchy songs, soothing music, great album to chill and relax to
  • Amazing

    By pba1979
    very under rated album! Some excellent songs on here. cant believe is almost 20!
  • Fab

    By lumleylad
    Great album,Santuary and Bedtime story are the best tracks on this album and the sound of these songs is not to far away from the sound Madonna would go to 4 years later with Ray of Light.
  • One of her best!

    By michaelMDNAA
    One of my all time facvouirite albums! So UNDERRATED!
  • It's Not Mariah...

    By What Sound
    Madonna's success and impact had declined in a big way by 1994, people had simply become tired of her and her on-going controversy and desperate measures to sell records. She needed to soften her image, up her record sales and start scoring hits again. R&B was huge in the 1990s, and Bedtime Stories, a bandwagon-jumping album if there ever was one, was Madonna's attempt to revert sagging sales. In the 1990s the R&B scene was ruled by Janet Jackson, TLC, Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, four artists Madonna knew were her then-rivals. She brought on board three of the biggest R&B producers of the time: Dave Hall (Mariah Carey), Dallas Austin (TLC, Janet Jackson) and Babyface (Whitney) to try and revitalise her career. The sales of the album (7m copies worldwide) didn't come close to matching those of contemporaries - Music Box (32m), Daydream (25m), Janet (20m), CrazySexyCool (23m), The Bodyguard (45m) nor did any tour occur in support of Bedtime Stories (probably due to her diminishing popularity at the time), and "Take a Bow", the biggest hits of Madonna's career (7 weeks at #1), paled in comparison to Mariah's "Fantasy" (8 weeks at #1) as well as her record-breaking "One Sweet Day" (16 weeks at #1). Even Madonna's look during this period was heavily inspired (i.e. lifted) from Jean Harlow.
  • Beautiful & Underrated

    By djjs91
    I originally bought this album merely to fill my collection and was only expecting to play it once or twice. I wasn't expecting much based on the (relatively) mediocre singles and the fact that hardly ever seems to be mentioned compared to some of her other works. However it now contains two of my most favourite Madonna tracks ever (and a few other great ones) and is therefore one of the albums I regard most highly. The album does have a comparitively weak start. Tracks 1 and 2 hold their own with 3 and 4 being easily the weakest of the album. It really gets going with Inside of me,
  • best album

    By tomo154
    this is my all time favourite Madonna album,when it was first came out in 1994 I thought she'd lost it, but over the years I've played it the most, I prefer this over "Like a prayer" & "Ray of light" The ballads are sad but beautiful,"love tried to welcome me" is how a ballad should be done. Sanctuary & bedtime story could be released now and still sound fres, and their over 15 years old.