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  • The Remix Madoona Album

    By overload breaking
    Hoilday remix You can heard both of the songs that had been mix together . This Album is good but one tracks is not a remix song at all.
  • One of the first remix albums

    By Brandoonnnnn
    Remixing was new to the world around this time and Madonna came out with an album so fresh you couldn't resist. This still stands one of the best selling remix albums ever, and for a reason! It's great and you can feel the effort going into it. It's perfect to dance to, just like referenced to in the title. Must buy!
  • Decade defining

    By behold
    Before trance, before house and before club music Madonna fitted into a genre that many people today have conveniently forgotten, underground. Madonna has more of a connection with dance culture than any other pop act out there today. Pretenders like GaGa and Kylie could only dream of having Madonna's dance pedigree, she came from the clubs and knows instinctively what is right and its that gift which seperates her from the likes of Kylie, a woman whos career was about as manufactured as a plastic doll! You Can Dance was THE first remix album, in creating this, Madonna started a trend that would live on today and spill out into her modern classics such as Confessions On A Dancefloor... You Can Dance went on to inspire similar projects by Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Mariah Carey, Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears and more recently Lady GaGa, Britney and J-Lo. You Can Dance is a timeless non-stop party which see's Madonna bring the underground to tha masses, its genius and the remixes still stand the test of time. You have to buy this album.
  • A good example and insight into remix structure.

    By Royal boob
    I downloaded this after having it as a kid. Its the first remix album I ever heard and as an insight into what extended mixes and dubs are all about this is a great choice. The producers taking all the track elements from very well known records and extending, breaking down, chopping up etc etc. With the resurgence of 80's sounding production in current pop music this album actually sounds younger than its years. Some elements sound a bit creaky now and a remaster would've been nice. My main gripe is some of the itunes segues are not as tight as the original cassette and cd releases. Everybody and Physical Attraction should flow into each other but there is a gap between. It can be tightened somewhat in the playback options so its not a huge bugbear. I'm a so-so Madonna fan and I like what the producers did with these tracks. The combination ,as the main reviewer states, is that You Can Dance holds together well as an album. Something a little different and retro from the old girl!!
  • Spotlight!!

    By Coupefletch
    This album shines all the way through the dancefloor, opening new track SPOTLIGHT is a welcoming song that sets the scene for the rest of the album, If you love Madonna's 80's stuff and want a different twist on things then this is the one for you!!! 3 dub Mixes which were specifically for the CD release finish it off, bear in mind that the dubs on the old Cassette & Vinyl format were all different.
  • get into the groove!

    By Kool-Thing
    I love this album! all Madonna's cutest, most amazing 80's dance songs on one record....it's amazing, you must buy it - especially if you love the 80's, and above all Madonna. It's a wonderfully kitsch, happy record that seriously, you have to buy.
  • Buy It

    By desuenos
    This album is definately one to own. The remixes on here are fab, and its a great party album. the "into The Groove" mix is fab!
  • Incredibly catchy dance album!

    By wheredidnicknamecomefrom
    You have to buy this album if you love catchy music you can dance and sing a long too!Spotlight has beautiful lyrics! Madonna in her prime here