Heathen Chemistry - Oasis

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  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2005-08-21
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 11
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Title Artist Time
Download The Hindu Times Oasis 3:46
Download Force of Nature Oasis 4:53
Download Hung In a Bad Place Oasis 3:30
Download Stop Crying Your Heart Out Oasis 5:05
Download Songbird Oasis 2:09
Download Little By Little Oasis 4:54
Download A Quick Peep Oasis 1:19
Download (Probably) All In the Mind Oasis 4:04
Download She Is Love Oasis 3:11
Download Born On a Different Cloud Oasis 6:10
Download Better Man Oasis 38:02


  • The Gallagher's poignant charming arrogance fades away in this solid, but sadly mediocre effort.

    By Tom Dissenter
    "Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants" was an underwhelming effort to pick up the pieces from the self-destructive "Be Here Now", or so the critics claimed at least (in my opinion it comes second only to "Morning Glory"). The album highlighted a transitional period which optimised more focus on advanced production, which is evident through the memorable drum loop in "Go Let It Out" and the monotonous auto tune in "Where Did It All Go Wrong". Thankfully older brother Noel's famous obsession with Pro Tools during these recording sessions were kept exclusive to this project, as "Heathen Chemistry" sidetracks into something more of a dramatic "rock opera", but sadly one of which seems unsettled with regards to what it's trying to achieve. Had you heard the entire album before the band decided on "The Hindu Times" (a downbeat and badly aged version of "Rock'n'Roll Star") as the lead single in this campaign, you could probably make an accurate guess as to what songs they would release. "Stop Crying Your Heart Out" as the tearjerker that the more sensitive and contemporary listeners can relate to, "Little By Little" being Noel's strongest contribution to the album ahead of the Kiss/ Slade inspired "Force Of Nature" and the campfire essence "She Is Love", which as far as I'm concerned sounds far too apologetic to be an Oasis song. You could put the same argument on the table for "Stop Crying You're Heart Out", but the gritty Mancunian projection of Liam's voice carrying the lead melody is so mesmerising the band can get away with it, almost suggesting an ironic or passive aggressive message existing in there somewhere. My next educated guess, hypothetically speaking, would have been the psychedelic "Born On A Different Cloud", the strongest contribution from Liam's songbook alongside "Songbird" and "Better Man". This sounds like a Beatles track that was cut from "The White Album" and thrown into a supercell that only disintegrates after six minutes and nine seconds of having to endure the power of an F5 tornado; I am of course referring to Liam's incredible vocal performance in this track, which is perfectly supported by the staccato grand piano in the B section. The penultimate track in reality however was never released as a single, which is particularly surprising considering that the universally overrated "Songbird" got in ahead in that department. It's a nice track, but that's it. It's variation is hugely limited through limiting itself to just two chords meaning that it's no more sophisticated than a nursery rhyme. I am aware that "sophistication" has never been a part of their USP, their appeal if anything has developed from having a lack of it in favour of pursuing a swagger induced and hedonistically ecstatic sound; sadly "Songbird" doesn't make the cut. Last but sadly one of the least, "Better Man" is no more than a crescendo for what concludes a album that just never seems to get going. The bands fifth studio album may more pleasing to the ear for Oasis fans than it's experimental predecessor, but it's return to a more honest sound comes across as rather forced. Standing On The Shoulder of Giants felt like a finished article crafted in a careful linear manner: Heathen Chemistry on the other hand is like an engaging book with key chapters missing in between the best bits.
  • Decent

    By Mrjaffa
    Really good album although not their best. A few songs in it aren't that good
  • Little by little

    By FIFA nerd
    'Little by little, we gave you everything you ever dreamed of.'
  • Amazing

    By GodElkington
    Top stuff from Oasis again. Hindu Times is the best track IMO
  • Why all the harsh critics?

    By LP-J
    The songs on this album are good all the way through. Taking Standing on the Shoulder of Giants for example, a lot of the songs are poor. Going through this however, you have Stop Crying Your Heart Out, Little By Little, She is Love and even songs like Born On A Different Cloud (a really underrated song in my opinion) for example. The thing though is what many critics and fans have touched upon. All Oasis albums have a different attitude and style that is not put into Heathen Chemistry but I still think it unfair to be too harsh on an album just because of that. I would rather have an album full of good songs than an album with poor songs with attitude. But that is the price you pay when you write the two best albums ever written; you will have high expectations thrust upon you. So don't get on the boys too much as it is still a great album- not as good as the first two obviously- but a great album nevertheless
  • Oasis MKII first album

    By Ousevalley
    Good effort, better than their last not as good as their next. Great great songs, poor direction and production. Could have been amazing. The singles are superb.
  • 38:02??

    By Joey D Pro
    Like With Falling Down And Sunday Morning Call On Time Flies...1994-2009 What Is The Point In Having A Long Blank Gap Between Hidden Songs On An Album, It's Just A Waste Of Time And Space On The Disc
  • Oh wow.

    By Artful.D
    Damn Oasis are good. I heard 'Stop Crying Your Heart Out' at the end of 'The Butterfly Effect' (epic film) and I just had to have it. Another one of my favourites in there is 'Songbird'. Epic album. Even if it is old.
  • Quality

    By BurgeYID
    There is no weak track on the album and there are plenty of awesome songs and lyrics in wich make it a good album The Hindu times -9 Songbird -9 Little by little -9 Stop crying your heart out -8 Better man -10 A quick peep -7 Hung in a bad place -7 Force of nature -7 Hung in a bad place -7 Born on a diffrent cloud -8
  • Not bad at all

    By Mubble
    I do detest reviews that give an 'ok' or 'good' album 5-stars (i.e. suggesting it's among the best albums ever) accompanied by comments like 'Oasis - best band ever' or 'Songbird - best song ever'. I mean, come on, grow up a little. Saying that, Heathen Chemistry is a good album. Hindu Times, Songbird and Stop Crying are great pop songs, and up there with some of Oasis' best. Liam's contributions certainly help raise the quality of the album with the stomping Better Man and dark Born On A Different Cloud too. But then there are those all too familiar weak points. God only knows why the drab She Is Love got chosen in favour of the B-Side 'Shout It Out Loud' (from the Stop Crying Your Heart Out), and All In The Mind is a back-up at best. I wouldn't recommend this album for newcomers to the world of Oasis - Morning Glory and Be Here Now are there for that. But all in all, it's ok.