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Nat "King" Cole

  • Genre: Vocal Pop
  • Release Date: 2008-06-24
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 101
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Title Artist Time
Download That Ain't Right Nat "King" Cole 3:11
Download All for You Nat "King" Cole 3:24
Download I'm Lost Nat "King" Cole 3:08
Download Straighten Up and Fly Right Nat "King" Cole 2:26
Download Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You? Nat "King" Cole 2:56
Download If You Can't Smile and Say Yes Nat "King" Cole 2:52
Download Sweet Lorraine Nat "King" Cole 3:10
Download It's Only a Paper Moon Nat "King" Cole 2:56
Download I Just Can't See for Lookin' Nat "King" Cole 3:08
Download I Realize Now Nat "King" Cole 2:55
Download I'm a Shy Guy Nat "King" Cole 2:48
Download Don't Blame Me Nat "King" Cole 3:25
Download Come to Baby, Do! Nat "King" Cole 3:05
Download The Frim Fram Sauce Nat "King" Cole 3:13
Download (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 Nat "King" Cole 3:02
Download You Call It Madness (But I Cal Nat "King" Cole 3:04
Download (I Love You) For Sentimental R Nat "King" Cole 2:54
Download You Don't Learn That In School Nat "King" Cole 3:06
Download Meet Me At No Special Place (A Nat "King" Cole 3:11
Download What'll I Do? Nat "King" Cole 3:03
Download Kee-Mo Ky-Mo (The Magic Song) Nat "King" Cole 2:22
Download Nature Boy Nat "King" Cole 2:40
Download Little Girl Nat "King" Cole 2:23
Download A Boy from Texas, a Girl from Nat "King" Cole 2:41
Download Lost April Nat "King" Cole 2:58
Download My Mother Told Me Nat "King" Cole 2:57
Download Exactly Like You Nat "King" Cole 2:42
Download I Almost Lost My Mind Nat "King" Cole 3:02
Download Always You Nat "King" Cole 3:00
Download Mona Lisa Nat "King" Cole 3:15
Download Orange Colored Sky Nat "King" Cole 2:33
Download Jet Nat "King" Cole 2:50
Download Too Young Nat "King" Cole 3:13
Download Because of Rain Nat "King" Cole 3:11
Download Red Sails In the Sunset Nat "King" Cole 3:17
Download Unforgettable Nat "King" Cole 3:12
Download Walkin' My Baby Back Home Nat "King" Cole 2:40
Download Walkin' Nat "King" Cole 2:49
Download The Ruby and the Pearl Nat "King" Cole 3:12
Download Somewhere Along the Way Nat "King" Cole 2:53
Download Funny (Not Much) Nat "King" Cole 2:59
Download Don't Let Your Eyes Go Shoppin Nat "King" Cole 2:30
Download Strange Nat "King" Cole 2:29
Download Because You're Mine Nat "King" Cole 3:11
Download I'm Never Satisfied Nat "King" Cole 2:14
Download Faith Can Move Mountains Nat "King" Cole 3:12
Download Mother Nature and Father Time Nat "King" Cole 3:12
Download Pretend Nat "King" Cole 2:45
Download A Fool Was I Nat "King" Cole 2:51
Download Lover, Come Back to Me! Nat "King" Cole 2:31