The Pantera Collection - Pantera

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  • Genre: Metal
  • Release Date: 2013-08-30
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 72
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Title Artist Time
Download Cemetery Gates Pantera 7:02
Download Primal Concrete Sledge Pantera 2:13
Download Psycho Holiday Pantera 5:19
Download Heresy Pantera 4:46
Download Cowboys from Hell Pantera 4:03
Download Domination Pantera 5:05
Download Shattered Pantera 3:21
Download Clash With Reality Pantera 5:16
Download Medicine Man Pantera 5:15
Download Message In Blood Pantera 5:09
Download The Sleep Pantera 5:47
Download The Art of Shredding Pantera 4:18
Download Mouth for War Pantera 3:57
Download A New Level Pantera 3:57
Download Walk Pantera 5:15
Download Fucking Hostile Pantera 2:48
Download This Love Pantera 6:33
Download Rise Pantera 4:36
Download No Good (Attack the Radical) Pantera 4:49
Download Live In a Hole Pantera 5:00
Download Regular People (Conceit) Pantera 5:27
Download By Demons Be Driven Pantera 4:40
Download Hollow Pantera 5:45
Download Strength Beyond Strength Pantera 3:38
Download Becoming Pantera 3:05
Download 5 Minutes Alone Pantera 5:47
Download I'm Broken Pantera 4:24
Download Good Friends and a Bottle of P Pantera 2:52
Download Hard Lines Sunken Cheeks Pantera 7:01
Download Slaughtered Pantera 3:57
Download Planet Caravan Pantera 4:03
Download 25 Years Pantera 6:05
Download Shedding Skin Pantera 5:36
Download Use My Third Arm Pantera 4:51
Download Throes of Rejection Pantera 5:01
Download The Great Southern Trendkill Pantera 3:46
Download War Nerve Pantera 4:53
Download Drag the Waters Pantera 4:55
Download 10's Pantera 4:49
Download 13 Steps to Nowhere Pantera 3:37
Download Suicide Note, Pt. 1 Pantera 4:44
Download Suicide Note, Pt. 2 Pantera 4:19
Download Living Through Me (Hell's Wrat Pantera 4:50
Download Floods Pantera 6:59
Download The Underground In America Pantera 4:33
Download (Reprise) Sandblasted Skin Pantera 5:39
Download Revolution Is My Name Pantera 5:15
Download You've Got to Belong to It Pantera 4:13
Download We'll Grind That Axe for a Lon Pantera 3:44
Download Death Rattle Pantera 3:17