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  • Christmas perfection.

    By dannybarson
    Not just all the usual song everyone does, there are classics and others that are rarely used on others Christmas albums. If you are looking for ‘the sound’ off Christmas here it is in one album. We always listened to Jim Reeves Christmas album growing up, and this reminds me of that. This one will be a family classic in the same way and will be coming out every year, I can’t say that about many Christmas albums.
  • I hate this money grabbing gimp!

    By Gavin b
    Oh it’s Christmas- time for me to bring out another crap album! Bore off! 🖕🏻
  • Ideal

    By fabulous_flair
    Fabulous...the ideal music for any Christmas anything..thankyou Michael X
  • Now its £9.99!

    By Peeceecee
    Never mind, it'll all be over by January.....
  • Either iow

    By pouiyjeuuijziaiizzhg
  • ITZ CHRISTMASS!!!!!!!!!!!

    By §Hackerz§
    Well, almost. Bublé has a beautiful, truthful voice and we miss his christmas tracks loads. Good job, Michael!
  • Awful

    By Nsno75
    Terrible Christmas album...
  • Boring

    By the voice one
    Simply awful uninspired and There are way better xmas albums out there , frank Sinatra, the beach boys, the chipmunks. Nothing original same karaoke xmas. Buble is just a mediocre covers singer nothing more , dull and uninspired
  • Love it

    By Holly731
    A must for Christmas!
  • I Love him :)

    By CABartlett-Davis
    I think his voice is perfect for this type of music. I have all his albums and singles. I am so excited for a new album from him. Everything he has don ehas been top notch. :) :)