Reggae Icons - Ken Boothe, Johnny Clarke & Leroy Smart

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Ken Boothe, Johnny Clarke & Leroy Smart

  • Genre: Reggae
  • Release Date: 2011-06-29
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 33
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Title Artist Time
Download Freedom Street Ken Boothe 2:47
Download Help Me Make It Through the Ni Ken Boothe 3:19
Download Artibella Ken Boothe 2:42
Download Gonna Take a Miracle Ken Boothe 2:28
Download Ain't No Love Ken Boothe 3:36
Download Drums of Freedom Ken Boothe 2:52
Download Memories By the Score Ken Boothe 3:54
Download Don't Stay Out Late Ken Boothe 3:20
Download The Train Is Coming Ken Boothe 3:37
Download Puppet On a String Ken Boothe 4:16
Download Wide Awake In a Dream Ken Boothe 4:06
Download Up Park Camp Johnny Clarke 3:11
Download Declaration of Rights Johnny Clarke 3:23
Download Dem a Say Rasta Johnny Clarke 2:49
Download African Roots Johnny Clarke 3:46
Download I Have Got the Handle Johnny Clarke 2:39
Download Walk Away Johnny Clarke 3:38
Download Creation Rebel Johnny Clarke 3:44
Download Sugar Johnny Clarke 3:14
Download Put It On Johnny Clarke 3:27
Download Put It On Johnny Clarke 3:27
Download Do You Love Me Johnny Clarke 3:46
Download Love In My Heart Leroy Smart 2:55
Download Let Your Heart Be Pure Leroy Smart 3:28
Download Life Is a Funny Thing Leroy Smart 3:45
Download I Don't Like It Leroy Smart 3:00
Download Mother Lizer Leroy Smart 3:16
Download Ballistic Affair Leroy Smart 3:07
Download Man Is So Great Leroy Smart 3:10
Download Jah Is Mighty Leroy Smart 2:43
Download No Love Leroy Smart 3:25
Download Shame and Pride Leroy Smart 4:00
Download Bad Minded People Leroy Smart 2:57