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New Order

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 1994-01-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 16
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Title Artist Time
Download True Faith '94 New Order 5:35
Download Bizarre Love Triangle '94 New Order 3:54
Download 1963-94 New Order 3:47
Download Regret New Order 4:09
Download Fine Time New Order 3:09
Download The Perfect Kiss New Order 4:47
Download Shellshock New Order 4:24
Download Thieves Like Us New Order 3:57
Download Vanishing Point New Order 5:17
Download Run 2 New Order 4:30
Download Round and Round '94 New Order 4:01
Download World (The Price of Love) New Order 3:39
Download Ruined In a Day (Radio Edit) New Order 4:00
Download Touched by the Hand of God New Order 3:45
Download Blue Monday '88 New Order 4:04
Download World In Motion New Order 4:30


  • Repackage.

    By beebee james
    Post-Factory New Order's first move into a brave new corporate climate was to split up. Shorn of new material (and that they now owned the back catalogue) London Records cobbled together this "Best Of" to keep the CEOs in prawn sandwiches. I'm not bemoaning the quality of the material contained within, it's the complete lack of imagination. Although Substance was 7 years ago when it was released, New Order had only released 2 albums since. Essentially what you get are all the radio edits of most of their recent singles to that point. The "94 mixes" are slighly edited versions of the originals and you'd be hard pushed to spot the difference. "Run 2" is merely the Technique album version and not the Scott Litt version from the 12", the inclusion of Vanishing Point mystifies, possibly due to it's connection with the "Making Out" TV show. And that's it. No Spooky's minimix, no Run 2, no 1963-95 (possibly a better mix that the original) and nothing else that hadn't been better served elsewhere, or since. As another pointed out; from the moment of inception it was destined for the bargain bins; so while Factory New Order retained a classy elegance and cool, London New Order were a diluted small fish in a big pond. And so it goes.
  • New order

    By Paddle pool
    Hi iTunes I haven't bought this item you have sent this bill for can you please explain what and how this has happened ? K
  • brilliant

    By argyle8
    You may be able to buy it for cheaper but the album itself is quality, you cant deny it. Especially World In Motion one of 2 good england football songs the other being Three Lions.
  • Missing Track!

    By Ossec Donny GX
    "Age Of Consent" is missing. The review states 17 tracks when iTunes only sells 16 and does not mention that it is a Partial Album.
  • Quality

    By BrettJ
    No matter what album the songs are on, New Order are a band that started a new generation. These songs must be rated highly as they are all quality!
  • Shop around

    By Aywud
    Just bought from Tesco Extra on CD for £4.96 but its almost twice the price on itunes at £8.99 and no need to back up to CD.
  • Buy New Order Single's Collection Instead...!

    By GMcL
    Fantastic tracks but you can get all these song plus more (totalling 31 in all) for £7.99 from iTunes if you buy New Order: Singles rather than this 'best of'. No brainer...!