Awesome As **** (Live) [Deluxe Version] - Green Day

Awesome As **** (Live) [Deluxe Version] MP3 Download

Green Day

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2011-03-18
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 20
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Title Artist Time
Download 21st Century Breakdown (Live) Green Day 5:51
Download Know Your Enemy (Live) Green Day 4:50
Download East Jesus Nowhere (Live) Green Day 5:08
Download Holiday (Live) Green Day 4:16
Download ¡Viva La Gloria! (Live) Green Day 4:11
Download Cigarettes and Valentines (Liv Green Day 2:43
Download Burnout (Live) Green Day 2:16
Download Going to Pasalacqua (Live) Green Day 4:01
Download J.A.R. (Jason Andrew Relva) [L Green Day 2:44
Download Who Wrote Holden Caulfield? (L Green Day 3:22
Download Geek Stink Breath (Live) Green Day 2:07
Download When I Come Around (Live) Green Day 3:11
Download She (Live) Green Day 2:39
Download 21 Guns (Live) Green Day 5:56
Download American Idiot (Live) Green Day 4:23
Download Wake Me Up When September Ends Green Day 3:11
Download Good Riddance (Time of Your Li Green Day 2:57
Download Letterbomb (Live) [Bonus Track Green Day 4:33
Download Christie Road (Live) [Bonus Tr Green Day 4:00
Download Paper Lanterns / 2000 Light Ye Green Day 5:59


  • One of their best

    By Callum g183
    Big fan of the best band in the world I love this album so much and it is pretty awesome. I definitely think it is their best live album infact the worlds best live album absolutely recommend it
  • absolute perfection!

    By palewallfl0wer
    This is literally my favourite album ever. I still find it hard to compered the fact that they don't sound at all different to the studio versions. I don't understand how people can not adore green day
  • Awesome

    By Kat1269
    Just amazing!! Seen them live .. Best night on earth
  • No Basket Case??

    Gutted, went to Wembley and I'm sure I remember Basket Case on the set list... Have it on Bullet In A Bible... But I wasn't at Milton Keynes so it's just not the same.... Seriously Boo Hoo... 5 stats anyhoo cos it's Awesome As ****!
  • The best of green day

    By Chrsom
    This album has some of their best songs!! really worth buying however I was disappointed to realise that homecoming, jesus of suburbia or boulevard or broken dreams was not included!
  • :)

    By Joey -boy-59
    awesome as f
  • Reality check!?

    By Anorexorcist 9
    This album hurts me inside, knowing this is what one of my 'favourite' bands have become. People who defend them, (Green Day) saying they are still writing good songs can do one for all i care! Compare '21 Guns' to '2000 Light Years Away' one era to another, the change of their sound is horrific, they are no longer 'Punk' and people who say that punk is dead they are not wrong because its this band here that has killed it, Green Day! Now they inspire and sound much like MCR and FOB.. Who are now classed as 'punk' or 'post punk' bands. Green Day themself killed Punk, and more importantly killed modern music.. Nothing beats the 90's FACT!
  • Green Day

    By Joanne.x.
    I <3 this band sooo much i have all their albums there just AWESOME :D x
  • Back and Better than Ever!!!

    By Lulabug
    Was in Dublin where Holiday was recorded!! Great album, great set, great band. There's always this one feeling i get when i see them live and this comes pretty close to recreating it. First class as always! x
  • Green day are back...

    By Rossy167
    ...And better than ever AWESOMER THAN ****!!!!