Gravity - Westlife

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  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2010-11-19
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 12
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Title Artist Time
Download Beautiful Tonight Westlife 4:00
Download Safe Westlife 3:53
Download Chances Westlife 4:46
Download I Will Reach You Westlife 3:21
Download Closer Westlife 4:06
Download The Reason Westlife 3:53
Download Tell Me It's Love Westlife 4:18
Download I Get Weak Westlife 3:42
Download Before It's Too Late Westlife 4:09
Download No Ones Gonna Sleep Tonight Westlife 3:53
Download Difference In Me Westlife 3:29
Download Too Hard to Say Goodbye Westlife 4:44


  • Beautiful album!

    By Kaylou23
    Anyone who says they can't sing, have you heard they're voices, beautiful! Oh and people can't be serious when they try to insult Westlife's success, it speaks for itself, 14 no'1s, still waiting for an artist to beat it!!!? You'll be wrong not to download!
  • Bad so very very bad

    By TheBillstar
    I terrible band and terrible songs.
  • LOVE IT!!

    By MeiMo_321
    This album is amazing and I love the songs "Beautiful Tonight" and "Safe"! Westlife forever! :)
  • Westlife

    By Madsimoo
    I love this album n I love westlife. For the people who don't like them...why what westlife ever actually done to you....if you don't like them......don't listen!!!! Simple as..... It's not like they haven't got loads of fans....... Plus love songs are obviously westlife's thing.... What's up with that??? I love you lads...and can't wait to hear your new single #lighthouse You've been going on sooo long let's hope you can continue the music career #lovewestlifeforever xx
  • go away

    By Caleb/Caleb
    hate the album, hate westlife, wish they would just break up already.
  • gravity

    By vixen_85
    amazing Album by the westlife boys!!! great vocals by all four espec mr filan!!! the tour was amazing this year as well!!! really can't wait for the new single, album and next years tour!!! worth every penny u pay for it!!!
  • My favourite album but

    By family guy fan 1
    It is the same like the other albums because they always do love songs they should now do rock songs and party songs and other things like that.
  • ***** Love this band.!

    By 1992ally2011
    I've loved WL since day one, but tbh I got really bored of the soppy cover songs, They were like Simon & Louis robots. That was their downfall. They needed this album to get them back to the top again. As Shane said "it's a breath of fresh air" lol. I saw them in march and they put on an amazing show as usual. I'm glad that the stools are gone, most of the covers are gone, and that they recently changed record labels. No more Simon :D I hope they get more of a chance to get noticed for original pop songs, and their talent at songwriting. As obv. Louis and Simon told them what to do and sing since day one, and only now they decided to tell him where to go. I do agree with them taking more years out, I think then they will put more passion and hard work in to their music as 9 albums in a row can make them a bit bored & tired which impacts on the albums. If they do that then they will want it more and definatly be around for a long time to come. @ the quite man - you can't base a reveiw on the fact it won't download. @ louisa - TT are not fit. They're old and fat. And self centred tw*ts. But each to their own like. @ Dale- They never said they can dance, it's about their singing voice. They're a vocal group not a boyband anymore. But at their shows they do dance. @ Victoria M - WL never said they wanted to be a TT. A band that had gone so cr*p they had to get Robbie back to be relevant and get people to notice them. A great publicity stunt there. Anyways, can't wait for the single in august that Mark has co written, aparantly it's an upbeat one ( don't let me down lads!), an album end of the year & a new arena tour next year!
  • Awesome

    By Char190
    Awesome  i  westlife
  • Kay kay absolute

    By Evolution Kayla
    Really really lovely album. Best album of the year. All the songs are on point and really nice. Good job guys. Nice 1 guys