Starlight - EP - Muse

Starlight - EP MP3 Download


  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2009-05-22
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 4
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Title Artist Time
Download Starlight Muse 4:03
Download Starlight (AOL Session) Muse 4:31
Download Supermassive Black Hole (Phone Muse 4:19
Download Easily Muse 3:41


  • Muse

    By MyLonelyAngel
    I have resently stumbled over Muse and I am happy to say that I cannot find a flaw in any of their songs, their amazing!!!!!!!! AMAZING!

    By DM 67
    Fantastic track this from Muse. I really like some of there songs, however they are just a little bit to loud for my taste. But then I could be getting old or something like that? After saying all that though, I really need to take a bit more time to listen to a lot more of their material really. I know they are a huge band. Because I've researched what they have done in there discography section on the web, and I'm well aware that they are a very good band. But like I've just said I need to listen to a lot more of there music really. It's hard when you listen to loads of music, and like such a wide variety as I do. But the is a lot of music outhere I don't like at all. But we simply won't go there. ANYWAY THIS TRACK IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED ANYWAY.
  • should have been on black holes and revelations

    By ss-21
    easily is such a good song-it deserves to have been on black holes+revelations. i know starlight is great, so no comment; aol version isn't great-listen to the extract-it goes quiet, and i don't really like remixes. if you are going to make a song longer, just extend the original, or experiment. making the song have an extra beat just doesnt work. this one is ok and so is the MOTP remix, but that is it. But buy easily, you will love it!