The Very Best of Dolly Parton - Dolly Parton

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Dolly Parton

  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 2008-06-20
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 21
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Title Artist Time
Download 9 To 5 Dolly Parton 3:00
Download I Will Always Love You Dolly Parton 2:53
Download Islands In the Stream Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers 4:08
Download Jolene Dolly Parton 2:40
Download Coat of Many Colors Dolly Parton 3:04
Download My Tennessee Mountain Home Dolly Parton 3:06
Download Here You Come Again Dolly Parton 2:53
Download Baby I'm Burnin' Dolly Parton 2:36
Download Love Is Like a Butterfly Dolly Parton 2:20
Download The Bargain Store Dolly Parton 2:41
Download Potential New Boyfriend Dolly Parton 3:35
Download Everything's Beautiful (In It' Dolly Parton & Willie Nelson 3:14
Download Silver Threads and Golden Need Dolly Parton 2:23
Download To Know Him Is to Love Him Linda Ronstadt, Dolly Parton & Emmylou Harris 3:50
Download Why'd You Come In Here Lookin' Dolly Parton 2:32
Download Romeo Dolly Parton 3:33
Download Tennessee Homesick Blues Dolly Parton 3:23
Download Dumb Blonde Dolly Parton 2:28
Download Applejack Dolly Parton 3:24
Download Old Flames Can't Hold a Candle Dolly Parton 3:25
Download 9 To 5 Dolly Parton 3:32


  • Excellent album!

    By Chrissie S
    To the idiotic reviewer who thinks that Dolly Parton’s music is trash, go and wash your ears out and come back and listen again!!! Dolly’s a great singer whom is loved by millions of people all over the world, so I’m certain that one hater isn’t going to finish off her career:) Right… back to the album and all I want to say about it is that I really love listening to it.xx
  • Trash

    By Chrisrome
    are u people really serius with this woman???? i dont get it its very bad music and she is crap
  • Love her x

    By iiswhoiis7
    “ Old flames can’t hold a candle to you “ was written by Kesha’s mom Pebe 🖤 Kesha is my favourite so happy her and Dolly re-made this song on Kesha’s album “ Rainbow “ if your a big fan on Dolly Check it out xx
  • The one star reviews are lies

    By Moomoo542
    The one star reviews only comment on one song which is 'Always love you' which some people may think is better sung by Whitney Huston but everybody is valid to their own opinion and it is wrong to plagiarise this beautiful album because of a disliking of one song. I love the song and the whole album personally and I would definitely recommend so five stars.
  • AMAZING!!!! 😆😆😆

    By Joseph cocker
    I have been listening to dolly all my life and I love every minute of it she is and extraordinary singer who needs to be recognised for it. My favourite songs are: 9-5, jolene, coat of many colours, here you come again, I will always love you and my favourite one islands in the stream. They have all helped me grow up and I am very thankful to dolly for writing such amazing songs.
  • A legend

    By Martin, Burnley
    Seeing Dolly perform at Glastonbury reminded me how much I liked her music and I just had to buy this album.
  • I will always love you

    By jazz💁
    Sorry Witney Hustons version is out of this WORLD compared to this!
  • At Least 5/5!!!

    By FreshBenny
    I Know I'm Like 20 And Parton Is 3x My Age But Have a To Be Honest. This Woman Is Perfect
  • WRONG!!!!

    By Queeniac
    I thought I was getting the original mix of "I Will Always Love You". Boy, was I wrong! Instead of the beautiful song that reduced me to tears every time, I got a countryfied version of the Whitney Houston crap. Had I wanted the Whitney Houston crap I'd've bought it! Now I'll have to find out how to delete songs on my phone, because that is rubbish! Hence no stars.
  • OMG!!!

    By Taí Ling
    I'm 13 yet I must keep playing back the same song over and over. If I was "Jolene", I would do the right thing and leave Dolly and her partner. A real eye opener of what the 80's were like! ;)