Selected Ambient Works, Vol. 2 - Aphex Twin

Selected Ambient Works, Vol. 2 MP3 Download

Aphex Twin

  • Genre: Electronic
  • Release Date: 1994-03-07
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 24
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Title Artist Time
Download #1 Aphex Twin 7:27
Download #2 Aphex Twin 6:34
Download #3 Aphex Twin 7:44
Download #4 Aphex Twin 4:39
Download #5 Aphex Twin 8:55
Download #6 Aphex Twin 3:31
Download #7 Aphex Twin 8:51
Download #8 Aphex Twin 5:08
Download #9 Aphex Twin 6:54
Download #10 Aphex Twin 9:58
Download #11 Aphex Twin 7:18
Download #12 Aphex Twin 2:42
Download Blue Calx Aphex Twin 7:20
Download #14 Aphex Twin 8:00
Download #15 Aphex Twin 5:33
Download #16 Aphex Twin 4:45
Download #17 Aphex Twin 2:05
Download #18 Aphex Twin 7:16
Download #19 Aphex Twin 5:57
Download #20 Aphex Twin 4:15
Download #21 Aphex Twin 7:09
Download #22 Aphex Twin 7:30
Download #23 Aphex Twin 11:27
Download #24 Aphex Twin 5:41


  • James do you need to disciplined??

    By Elliot Hinks
    This music is to disgusting!! No one makes music this amazing just get out James get out! 😂
  • Stone In Focus is for some reason not on the iTunes album

    By Olimonster
    PLEASE FIX THIS. Stone In Focus is probably the best track on the album next to Rhubarb and Cliffs, why the hell isn't it on the album?!!
  • Simply amazing!

    By J.Golding
    Truly wonderful, certainly a must have if you enjoy electronic or ambient music mindscapes a plenty! Had this for years and never tire of it, every play is fresh and as good as the first!
  • SAW

    By Chumby1
    More than just music - listening to this paints a multitude of atmospheric landscapes for the mind. Absolutely timeless.
  • Peacefull

    By Nikki Ibiza
    I work on maternity and this is lovely to bring baby's into the world too.
  • It's Like Being In A Contained State Of Being

    By fairly good marmoset
    And that's a ridiculously hippie-ish thing to say but it does. You feel like you're in some sort of chamber that slows the passage of time, and no other album has achieved that. Well done RDJ.
  • Rhubarb

    By Peteprawn
    Just love it, so simple but so clever, the world is a better place when I listen to this.. Richard, you are the man.
  • Reply To Depth Charge re: Stone In Focus

    By Justin Manghra
    Stone In Focus was only available on Vinyl and Cassette versions of this album.... Here is the reason as stated on Wikipedia: "Due to the limitations of the compact disc format, track 19 was removed from all CD pressings. This omission has since become standard, even for online retailers." Also, for info: "The track was later included on the Astralwerks/Caroline/Virgin/EMI Records compilation Excursions in Ambience: The Third Dimension, titled "#19." In my opinion, still a phenomenal album :)
  • Amazing

    By Sam-music
    Great album, but as someone already said before; Track 19 (Stone in Focus) is missing, as it was too large to put onto 1 CD-r, and so is only on cassette or vinyl. So you would need to get that track from another source to have the full album experience intended. Otherwise, an brilliant album.
  • Menacing Genius

    By Carlos Ricci
    This is, in no doubt, Aphex Twin's most mesmerising ambient album. Full of brooding menace, haunting synth rifts, and pure minimalistic idealism, sewn together with his slightly off kilter genius, it will charm even the most hardened music critic into its deep, dark folds. I originally first heard this while surfing down in Cornwall when I was 14 years old. We were camping at a site near Bude, and these surfers in the tent next to us were playing it softly on cassette deck while a storm was brewing... I've got to say, it totally freaked me out. Ever since that night, I couldn't stop thinking about this album. Two years later I found it again... And it's by far one of my most favourite ambient albums ever made. Here in Ol'Blighty we call it "Music to spend the night at home alone while on very strong acid." You'll see why in the art work...