20 Years of Kev - Kevin Bloody Wilson

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Kevin Bloody Wilson

  • Genre: Spoken Word
  • Release Date: 2007-11-19
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 31
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Title Artist Time
Download I Gave Up Wanking (Karaoke Kev Kevin Bloody Wilson 3:58
Download Festival of Life Kevin Bloody Wilson 5:42
Download Kev's Courting Song Kevin Bloody Wilson 3:57
Download Mick the Master Farter Kevin Bloody Wilson 4:46
Download The Pubic Hair Song Kevin Bloody Wilson 4:22
Download Hey Santa Claus Kevin Bloody Wilson 2:47
Download Dicktaphone Kevin Bloody Wilson 4:56
Download It Was Over Kevin Bloody Wilson 2:54
Download Manuel the Bandito Kevin Bloody Wilson 3:54
Download The Kid (He Swears a Bit) Kevin Bloody Wilson 5:49
Download Supa Mega Fugly Kevin Bloody Wilson 2:41
Download Double Decker Dog Kevin Bloody Wilson 4:24
Download The Featherbrain Championship Kevin Bloody Wilson 4:19
Download Ollie and Olga Kevin Bloody Wilson 3:09
Download The Builder Kevin Bloody Wilson 3:17
Download Me Dick (Just Dialled Your Num Kevin Bloody Wilson 3:06
Download She's the Sorta Sheila Kevin Bloody Wilson 3:04
Download Hello John (Beeped Version) Kevin Bloody Wilson 3:26
Download Grandad's Got a Bone Kevin Bloody Wilson 3:13
Download The Local Kevin Bloody Wilson 2:51
Download Bali Belly Song Kevin Bloody Wilson 2:42
Download That Fuckin' Cat's Back Kevin Bloody Wilson 5:23
Download She a Good'n Kevin Bloody Wilson 3:32
Download Nigel Walkabout Kevin Bloody Wilson 8:36
Download Dilligaf Kevin Bloody Wilson 2:30
Download Can't Say Cunt In Canada Kevin Bloody Wilson 3:02
Download Absolute Cunt of a Day Kevin Bloody Wilson 3:18
Download New Christmas Song Kevin Bloody Wilson 3:20
Download The Browneye Medley Kevin Bloody Wilson 5:07
Download Living Next Door to Alan (Comp Kevin Bloody Wilson 17:30
Download Rooting In the Back of the Ute Kevin Bloody Wilson 3:12


  • Kev the Legend

    By chrisDILLIGF
    Buy this album to repay Kev for the bootleg copy you were undoubtably given as a kid at school. You know I am telling the truth. Bet it went like this "Here U gotta listen to this guy." followed by U listening to Santa being called a C*nt. closely followed by you P'ing your pants. Buy it so your kids, when the time comes, don't have to listen to some crappy copy that's been handed round the playground. They can be the first to pass it around the school like a seriously cool antichrist. Buy it because Kev is one of the last trruly funny people on the planet who hasn't got caught up in any PC BS! Buy it because although Kev is DILIGAF you shouldn't be. Give a F*ck. get this album. KEV is a LEGEND! him and Rolf make Oz great......... Buy it because it's as funny as a one legged man doing the hookey kookey....
  • this is a must for everyone

    By psychiman
    i have been collecting kev since i was passed a cassette many years ago. if i'm feeling down it's the best cure for the blues known to man. granted it's not for those who are easily offended, everyone one should have a copy of this to reach for when life s..ts on you. go on you know it makes and dilligaf to anyone one who tells you different.
  • hilarious lyrics, not for the easily offended

    By dynamo500
    an absolutely fantastic album packed with hilarious songs that will have you in stitches. a must buy!
  • not all downloaded

    By radioactivejimbo
    how come its not downloaded some of the songs
  • 20 Years of Kev

    By Louie Bailey
    Excellent Value both price and entertainment Keep singing Kev
  • A great laugh

    By Simon1406
    Kev the king of offending just about anybody on the earth and beyond. A great album which is guaranteed to make you laugh. Go on treat yourself.
  • F -ing Great !!

    By KraZy AL
    kev's album is F-ing GREAT. Not for the easily offended or children. Ive seen him live and his down load is as good as it gets. dj Krazy AL
  • Rock on Kev!

    By Alan_B
    Got this on CD, signed by the great man himself! In his own words, Kev aims to offend everyone, regardless of race, creed or religion. Buy this and buy it NOW- Just don't play it for the mother-in-law!
  • Funny As

    By Chicken Matt
    This is the best funny album ever packed full of hilarious songs. funny lyrics good buy.
  • Amazing album

    By can't sleep, the clowns will get me
    This is really worth the money, The Kid is my favourite of his, and it also has many of his other greatest songs like Dillligaf aswel as some Album only ones like The Pubic Hair Song or Hey Santa Clause. I deffinatly recomend