The Pleasure Principle (Bonus Track Version) - Gary Numan

The Pleasure Principle (Bonus Track Version) MP3 Download

Gary Numan

  • Genre: New Wave
  • Release Date: 1998-06-22
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 17
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Title Artist Time
Download Airlane Gary Numan 3:18
Download Metal Gary Numan 3:32
Download Complex Gary Numan 3:12
Download Films Gary Numan 4:09
Download M.E. Gary Numan 5:37
Download Tracks Gary Numan 2:51
Download Observer Gary Numan 2:53
Download Conversation Gary Numan 7:36
Download Cars Gary Numan 3:58
Download Engineers Gary Numan 4:01
Download Random Gary Numan 3:49
Download Oceans Gary Numan 3:03
Download Asylum Gary Numan 2:31
Download Me! I Disconnect from You (Liv Gary Numan 3:06
Download Bombers (Live) Gary Numan 5:46
Download Remember I Was Vapour (Live) Gary Numan 4:46
Download On Broadway (Live) Gary Numan 4:48


  • Bang on!!

    By Ryan Dobson
    This album isn't repetitive at all..... Well in comparison to every song released know days. Turn off the radio !!
  • M.e. I remember this…..

    By good architect
    This was such a ground-breaking album at the time it was originally released and Gary Numan wrote the rule book in many ways. I find that listening to it now it gets slightly repetitive, but hey, that's a minor niggle - this is class stuff.
  • How many Times!

    By Electric Neon
    Still got the original LP and lots of other LPs and singles of Gary. But this has to be the ultimate album! Here he definately turned 'Basics into Songs,' his words not mine, and he gave them life! I play this album all the time and never ever get tired of listening to it, I couldn't do that with any other album. Turn it up and lose yourself with the Godfather of synth! Brilliant! Good to see you live at Sheffield in 2012. See you again Gary!
  • A review of a classic album by M.e.

    By WelshMoomin
    If you have to own one Gary Numan Album in your collection this is the one totally amazing, i have only recently purchased this album as I'm ashamed to say i've only had his greatest hits in my collection, upon hearing this i've wondered why I never bought this sooner.My favourite songs are Metal,Films & without a shadow of a doubt M.e.
  • I can lock all my doors...

    By Bill_Bread
    Was there any doubt this would get 5*?really?
  • in cars

    By sezmartin
    i herd in cars in mighty boosh episode mutans and thought it was comical do not buy the album just buy cars
  • what an album

    By telsbet
    just downloaded this album.owned this when first released in 8ties forgot just how good it was,fantastic to hear these tunes again,numan was a genius.even if u never listned to numan before try this album its a work of art,im convinced ul love it
  • The Pleasure Principle

    By badgieboy
    Probably regarded as Numan's best early work, The Pleasure Principle was a huge step forward in electro-synth music.Starting with a non vocal track was a bold move for a debut album (the previous ones under the moniker of Tubeway army) the rest of the songs are edgy and metallic, that fitted the futuristic, almost robotic feel of the time.To this day, I feel that Dare (Human League) and Vienna (Ultravox), owe an awful lot to The Pleasure Principle. If you are interested in Gary Numan, and have even got some of his later stuff, you need to listen to this album, because I think this is where it all began.
  • oh so pleasuresum...

    By Forbidden swimming pool
    Everyone one knows the song "Cars which is undeniably a good song, and how I originally discovered Numan (me being 16) is made to seem one of the weaker tracks on this brilliant album. Sure the last three live tracks all sound the same but they werent originally part of the album. Featuring My favourite Numan songs "films", "Complex" and one of Numans most emotive songs yet, the fabulous "M.E.". Get it NOW if you never heard it because it sounds so modern aside from "Cars"!!!
  • numans classic

    By barty43
    this is the definitive numan absolute classic. at the time of its release it was derided by most music critics.well there had not been anything like it before, this is still my favourite album of all time, the sound, lyrics and imagery influenced heavily on this impressionable 15 year old.for anyone who has not heard this album, please do, its still as fresh sounding now as it was in 1979...and turn it up!