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  • its different get over it and listen

    By the axeman
    i can't believe how people slate this album just because its a little more mainstream/different there some great songs on this stand jack the ripper too good to be true spring to mind some of the guitar work is great true its not classic motorhead but thats another reason to give it a good listen besides its so much better than iron fist if you can listen to that then you should like this effort
  • Why all the hate?

    By dfggggwg
    No, it's not usual Motorhead, really, but it's different and that's good. If you love classic, belting riffs, tons of 'tude and an insane guitar solo, download 'Hellraiser'. Although it seems a little out of place on this album, it still rocks. If you want some Saxon-esque riffs download 'Too Good To Be True', and if you want a little cheese for your 79p you will want 'Cat Scratch Fever'. Although Lemmy's voice sounds incredibly out of place on this Ted Nugent classic, it's worth a listen.
  • Not quite the follow up to 1916 we expected

    By Rolomeister
    I dig this out once in a while but it isn't their best album by a mile and it pales alongside 1916 whcih was THE return to form after a series of poorly produced long-players. Having said that, 'Stand' has a melodic riff, 'Catch Scratch' is ace and 'Nice guy' is a classic.
  • Still worth a listen…

    By bottlerack
    …even though it's probably their weakest album. Two or three problems: the twin-guitar line-up, which was never true Motörhead, is at its most heinous here, and in fact is exacerbated by the introduction of unnecessary guests. This band works best as a tight, focused power trio. No second guitar is needed, as Lemmy's bass works as rhythm guitar too. The production here is also too smooth and expansive, with all the punky edges rounded off. Even Lemmy's voice has lost some of its rasp in the mix, which is unforgiveable. But the material itself isn't half bad, and recorded live in the studio 'March or Die' could have been a very good Motörhead album. Not as good as 'Another Perfect Day' -- their next least typical record -- but not as bad as some would have you believe.