Lover - Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2019-08-23
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 18
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Title Artist Time
Download I Forgot That You Existed Taylor Swift 2:50
Download Cruel Summer Taylor Swift 2:58
Download Lover Taylor Swift 3:41
Download The Man Taylor Swift 3:10
Download The Archer Taylor Swift 3:31
Download I Think He Knows Taylor Swift 2:53
Download Miss Americana & The Heartbrea Taylor Swift 3:54
Download Paper Rings Taylor Swift 3:42
Download Cornelia Street Taylor Swift 4:47
Download Death By A Thousand Cuts Taylor Swift 3:18
Download London Boy Taylor Swift 3:10
Download Soon You'll Get Better (feat. Taylor Swift 3:21
Download False God Taylor Swift 3:20
Download You Need To Calm Down Taylor Swift 2:51
Download Afterglow Taylor Swift 3:43
Download ME! (feat. Brendon Urie of Pan Taylor Swift 3:13
Download It's Nice To Have A Friend Taylor Swift 2:30
Download Daylight Taylor Swift 4:53


  • I love Lover

    By rdm98
    The lyrics, the melodies, the messages. Lover has it all. Not the biggest fan of the singles but the album has real gems and overall is a solid pop project. One of the best of 2019.

    By Yaz👑💖🦋
    Lover. An incredible, heartfelt album. All 18 tracks, perfectly express loves many complicated and intriguing forms. This album has everything. The bops, the lyrical masterpieces (I’m talking about the title track), the ones that make you sob (soon you’ll get better) and the ones that will never go out of style.’ve done it again. You’ve captured what the world wants to hear and needs to hear and you’ve captured it so beautiful and emotionally. This is your best work, and I’m so happy you own it all🦋I’m forever proud of you. P.s. if you’re debating whether to buy the album - you should just go ahead because this is the album of the year and you MUST have it in your life x Lover Yasmine.
  • Lyrics as Beautiful as always! 💖

    By A - Rose
    Still listening to it every single day! It’s addictive!! Like, I don’t want to listen to anything else! Such a beautiful romantic album! So in love with it! She’s the best writer in the music industry! 💖💗💖
  • Je ne suis pas calme!

    By .Issy.
    I thought ME! was iconic but then Taylor released YNTCD and I don’t think the world will ever be the same again. Also, there were five holes in that fence 🤷‍♀️
  • her best album tea🥵

    By Gee 12
    paper rings is the best song to exist i said what i said
  • Remedial

    By Paulie Brighton
    The trouble with Taylor... it’s still kindergarten pop. One listen and you’re done. Generic and sounds no different to anything else she’s done... or what anyone else has done for that matter.
  • Love it 😊

    By RubyRosec
    Amazing album with great lyrics and great production! The singles such as ME! And YNTCD aren’t an accurate representation of what this album is (although they are still really fun tracks.)completely love this new album and always will.💗xx
  • Sounds special

    By BaltimoreRavens1
    It is a very deep and meaningful song that is just so good
  • Meh

    By catspelle
    Sorry my last TS album. It’s way to teenage girl and it’s all too similar. To be honest I thought she was better than this. Disappointing.
  • Amazing

    By poppyej
    After listening to the album about 100 times it’s safe to say they never get boring!!!