Lover - Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2019-08-23
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 18
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Title Artist Time
Download I Forgot That You Existed Taylor Swift 2:50
Download Cruel Summer Taylor Swift 2:58
Download Lover Taylor Swift 3:41
Download The Man Taylor Swift 3:10
Download The Archer Taylor Swift 3:31
Download I Think He Knows Taylor Swift 2:53
Download Miss Americana & The Heartbrea Taylor Swift 3:54
Download Paper Rings Taylor Swift 3:42
Download Cornelia Street Taylor Swift 4:47
Download Death By A Thousand Cuts Taylor Swift 3:18
Download London Boy Taylor Swift 3:10
Download Soon You'll Get Better (feat. Taylor Swift 3:21
Download False God Taylor Swift 3:20
Download You Need To Calm Down Taylor Swift 2:51
Download Afterglow Taylor Swift 3:43
Download ME! (feat. Brendon Urie of Pan Taylor Swift 3:13
Download It's Nice To Have A Friend Taylor Swift 2:30
Download Daylight Taylor Swift 4:53


  • Wow

    By Sneakyhippos
  • Absolutely totally fabulous! I’m obsessed lol

    By david3451234213
    Her best yet and is the first one she owns! Can’t stop playing it! Love it!
  • hm

    By Adam_poophead_gayboy
    i feel a bit disappointed with this album. don’t get me wrong i really like it, but i was just expecting... something better? idk. i guess i just thought it would be like TOTALLY AMAZING AND RECORD BREAKING... but it’s just like hm ok.
  • 5 stars

    By Brandonhogg992001
    Paper rings >>>>>>>>>>
  • L O V E

    By Co co loko
    A bit of a shaky start with ME! But the catchiness quickly won me over, I love the range of styles in this from the slow like The Archer and Lover to the quick beats of The Man and Cruel Summer. Loving this older more refined sound Taylor clearly worked hard on this album and it shows, in my opinion it is one of her best prices of work! ( after RED of course )
  • Mediocre

    By joshhp
    Kinda disappointed with this. I don’t think you’re ever gonna get the happy feeling of 1989, even with the meanings. I’ve never been a Tayler fan, but 1989 drew me to her. I pre ordered this album on the singles release, especially the uplifting happy vibe of ‘Me’. Tho I’m actually kinda sad to say, I wish I hadn’t. This album doesn’t compare to 1989, she has grown since that, but it it doesn’t grip me like that did. I wasn’t a fan , but I never was a fan of hers till 1989 either. ‘Me’ is still awesome tho.
  • it’s cool

    By @kiyoko
    I’m not gonna lie, it’s so different to her other albums and I love it so much. I love Taylor so much and I love(r) her albums so much too (Taylor a little more though) 😂❤️ ilysfm taylor x
  • Lover

    By MusicStan07
    As a huge music lover and a massive fan of full albums I was very nervous with the lead up to Lover, I've never been let down by any of Taylor's previous albums before but as this is her first album with a new label and since she said it took her only a few months to write and record all the songs compared to the two years it usually takes her I got worried, having bought and listened to the album on repeat now I can safely say I was worried for nothing. Such a fantastic album from Taylor, probably her best album to date imo and by far the best lyrics she's written since Red. There isn't a single song on Lover that is an album filler or a mediocre effort compared to other tracks. I recommend buying one of the physical deluxe album versions that have two audio recording of two of the tracks before their final cut, really interesting seeing how Taylor puts her songs together. Can't gloat about this album enough, 10/10.
  • StyleSwift

    By EmmaMcM96
  • OMG

    By Westmidslad
    Yet again Taylor has done an amazing album. I love every song. There’s not one Taylor swift song I hate. I love every about Taylor. Well done Taylor xx