Cause and Effect (Deluxe) - Keane

Cause and Effect (Deluxe) MP3 Download


  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2019-09-20
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 16
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Title Artist Time
Download You’re Not Home Keane 5:31
Download Love Too Much Keane 3:09
Download The Way I Feel Keane 4:06
Download Put the Radio On Keane 4:11
Download Strange Room Keane 4:23
Download Stupid Things Keane 3:49
Download Phases Keane 3:36
Download I’m Not Leaving Keane 4:14
Download Thread Keane 4:52
Download Chase the Night Away Keane 4:03
Download I Need Your Love Keane 4:11
Download New Golden Age Keane 3:44
Download Difficult Year Keane 3:28
Download The Way I Feel Keane 3:35
Download Stupid Things Keane 4:02
Download I'm Not Leaving Keane 4:09


  • New lease of life, back with a bang

    By DanS1993
    Such a good album judging from all of the songs so far released, can hear the progression that the band has made especially with tom’s voice, it seems a fair bit mellower these days and I hear quite a bit of “the wave” theme within this album too, so glad they are back together as they become something else when the synergize! Masterpiece
  • Cause and Effect (Deluxe)

    By JTDH2008
    Wow. Another masterpiece from the band! Powerful. Meaningful. Energetic. Emotional. All in one album. Welcome back Keane. You have been missed. 👏🏼👏🏼
  • Back to their best?

    By Gibbolufc2205
    The new songs sound very much like Keane have decided to go back to their original roots and have a similar but updated sound of hopes and fears. Very impressed so far I think this album will deliver and be one of their best so far. Good work lads.
  • Amazing!

    By gdvdndrth07
    I’m such a huge fan of the older music Keane has made. Waiting for the lads to come back, well it’s been hard. However it’s completely worth it. The songs released so far have so much meaning and are upbeat. It mirrors all the older music and Tom’s Solo Album. Please keep the upbeat music coming and take my money! 😂😂 Well Done boys you should all be proud.
  • Heard two released songs and they’re brilliant! Can’t wait for the album!

    By Scooby Dooooooo!
    Heard two released songs and they’re brilliant! Can’t wait for the rest of the album!
  • Welcome back guys!

    By wendums
    You’ve been sorely missed! Don’t leave us again !
  • Sensational Tune

    By Stupendousman_9
    Imagine not doing something for 6 years, then doing it again and being able to do it better than you did before. That's the sorcery Keane have pulled off here. After listening to this song once, my missing left leg regenerated. After now listening several times I can recite whole Bible extracts from memory. I look forward to being able to walk on water when the whole album drops.
  • Finally...

    By Mickey-Ste
    Yes! Back to their best...
  • Not a return to form

    By Robmacd11
    This is not a return to form because Keane have consistently produced pop music of the highest quality and this is no different. Well done to Tom and the boys. Keep these albums coming...
  • 7 year hiatus

    By wicky wacky 42
    I can’t believe it’s Keane’s first album since 2012’s Strangelend. I’m so happy they have returned with new material. They have always maintained such great quality of music. They are a very consistent band so I have high hopes for this album.