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  • Commercial Sell Out

    By The 709er
    Real Shame Tom and Ed have let this happen, pressure from EMI ? Do a best seller ? One of 2 tunes I would play a few times, but nothing like the greatness of the past, and I am a proper fan !
  • Not all songs are available

    By Serrell2316
    Two songs unable to download due to region??????
  • Derivative disappointment

    By samurai funky
    Always been a fan but this one is one of their weaker efforts. It lacks the spark of originality that usually makes their stuff special. Best typified by the track "Got to Keep On", which seems to be a Daft Punk tribute more than anything else...
  • Chemical brothers know how to make you dance and chill at same time

    By daniel donovan
    Great album but I wish it was bit longer getting into the track and then it ends spos it’s better left wanting more hopefully have few remixed versions too
  • Old becomes New

    By schulz33
    Chemical Brothers returning in style. Brilliant and breathtaking music. Always been a fan. This has gotta be one of their best!
  • Blown away

    By Ronrocket
    Every track I love... nothing too heavy...
  • Best electronic album of 2019 so far

    By nexxuz
    Love “Got To Keep On” 🙌🏼 and fantastic album as a whole. A solid listen from start to finish. Probably their strongest work for me since Push The Button almost 15 years ago (time flies!!)
  • Brilliant

    By whitstableboy
    Their best in years.
  • Pure festival heart pounding tunes

    By Shedlad
    Thank you once again you wonderful brothers you. We’ll see you there
  • Absolutely brilliant!!!

    By beestonbeanclub
    Superb album.