thank u, next - Ariana Grande

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Ariana Grande

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2019-02-08
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 12
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Title Artist Time
Download imagine Ariana Grande 3:32
Download needy Ariana Grande 2:51
Download NASA Ariana Grande 3:02
Download bloodline Ariana Grande 3:36
Download fake smile Ariana Grande 3:28
Download bad idea Ariana Grande 4:27
Download make up Ariana Grande 2:20
Download ghostin Ariana Grande 4:31
Download in my head Ariana Grande 3:42
Download 7 rings Ariana Grande 2:58
Download thank u, next Ariana Grande 3:27
Download break up with your girlfriend, Ariana Grande 3:10


  • exquisite

    By katherinegrande
    honestly it’s her second best album i love it so much and every song is incredible. i cant wait to see her this month

    By Arianagrandebeyoncelover💕
    best album of 21st century. periodt. best artist. EVER. cant wait to see her on 17th august in London O2🖤
  • i-

    yall moaning about the swearing. you do know there is a clean version of this album right? if you dont like the swearing buy the clean one. periodt joshua
  • Good

    By Rainbow llama 🌈
    Preferred dangerous woman and my everything though.......into you and problem=❤️ (best songs EVER)
  • thank you, next

    By HoppyLiam:)
    Yes, it’s good. Yes, it’s better than sweetener. Yes, it’s one of her best albums yet. But really don’t be out here calling this the ‘best album ever’ or ‘a work of art’— by any standards. Because it really isn’t. At all. Seriously. PS: Listen to the album backwards
  • 🖤

    By 1234556335
    This is my favourite album so far. ari is my idol: i look up to her so much and ever since i saw her performing on tv in one love manchester i just fell in love. her voice, the beats, the EVERYTHING is perfection. she is extremely talented. ari works so hard on her music and her music is basically telling a story of her experiences/ life. whenever ‘one last time’ comes on i feel emotional Thank you 🖤 for being who you are ari i am your biggest fan ( i know everyone says that 😂) but we are all behind you. 🖤
  • amazing🤤

    By VampireGirl1
    this is the best album ive heard in a while, im obsessed with “needy”,”ghostin” and “bloodline” there amazing, all the songs are great but theese are my personal favourite, i highly recommend this album 🥰
  • AH

    By badgal;)
    Massive fan of ari and honestly it’s amazing LOVE YOU 💓💓💓 I know you have had a lot of backlash but we will help you through I adore this album and see you on tour baby I’m still freaking out that I’m acc going to see you in real! See you in 4 months
  • Ariana grande

    By hotguy92
    Yes, what a great album this is and my favourite songs are imagine and thank u next
  • Amazing!

    By A_Double_D
    I adore Ari... This album may have came out abit to early after her previous "Sweetener" which i wasn't the biggest fan of as i prefer this record but this album is much more catchy and more fun, my only con is that the language in it isn't family friendly as a pop album artist should be, her talent is being ruined by trash talking and using the "F" wod alot as my 8 year old niece loves her too but we can't listen together unless there is a censored version, but anyway i am always team Ari <3