Agenda - EP - Pet Shop Boys

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Pet Shop Boys

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2019-02-08
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 4
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Title Artist Time
Download Give stupidity a chance Pet Shop Boys 2:59
Download On social media Pet Shop Boys 3:33
Download What are we going to do about Pet Shop Boys 3:03
Download The forgotten child Pet Shop Boys 3:33


  • Hurts to say, but this is poor

    By LumsdenOfTim
    Huge PSB fan, this is probably their poorest offering. Get back to pop with great melodies & hooks chaps.
  • Really?

    By Paro15
    Don't really know what to add to what's already been said. I've been a huge fan of PSB since the start and they have some of the best pop songs in their back catalogue. But this EP? No, please no. PSB to me have always been about superior melodies and intelligent lyrics e.g. Left To My Own Devices, So Hard, Suburbia, What Have I Done To Deserve This, It's A Sin, and many more. This, however, is just terrible. I respect that everyone has their own views but this is PSB at their worst. Stick to writing great pop songs boys and leave all the political rubbish to the politicians.
  • Nope sorry

    By Tishs85
    Come on boys what you doing? Each new release is slipping further away from the group I love. Get back to being boring / domino dancing / left to my own devices days again!
  • Lyrics yes, music no

    By xx1313
    Intelligence and irony rule in this offering. However, music, melody and production are the big let downs. The tracks (except the last one) remind of “Winner” - their weakest release to date. Having said that, it’s always great to have something new from them. Their opinion is always welcome
  • Love it

    By AlexiosAleksandridis
    Another great work from One of The Greatest Duos in Pop Music! Bravo!
  • More please!!! Yes, my greed is getting greedier.

    By gougemyeyesout!
    Wow! I love the fact that the ones disliking this are possibly if not more than likely the SJW’s, Millennial’s, spoilt rotten, sense of entitlement types that it’s poking fun at. Some one has said its leftist... really? I suggest they go back to their comfy sofas and listen to Adele and the other insignificant egotists. This is the PSB’s we deserve and I want more!! Never stop Chris and Neil!!
  • 3 out of four ain’t bad

    By Patroller
    Track 1 is dire! A lesson in how to insult half your audience. Stupid or brave? You decide! The other three tracks are usual PSB magic, my favourite being ‘What are we gonna do about the rich’, which is enormous! I take it the 1 star reviews are from those insulted by the boys having an opinion? Silly! You played right into their masterplan you fools!
  • Politics Vs Music = Disaster

    By Bitzer01
    Expected more from these guys, brought up by their music in the early days but this is just pure nonsense. Was always told that politics and music never mix. Sorry but this is a massive no no.
  • Excellent

    By Stocky48%
    Well someone has to speak up for the significant 48%!!
  • Pet Shop Boys brilliance.

    By JazzyDazzyDee
    The four songs on this EP are fantastic and are a pleasant and unexpected release from PSB. As ever with Pet Shop Boys, we have here a collection of beautifully crafted, melodic tunes with highly charged lyrics that intelligently sum up the state of the world today. They are all very current and topical. The boys are showing their depth of experience and pedigree on this EP and the ripple of social commentary and political observation on each track makes these four songs a notable collection which sit very well together here. This material deserves to be flying high in the music charts. All tracks are superbly executed but “The forgotten child” is a particularly thought provoking and beautiful track.