LM5 (Deluxe) - Little Mix

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Little Mix

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2018-11-16
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 19
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Title Artist Time
Download The National Manthem Little Mix 0:29
Download Woman Like Me (feat. Nicki Min Little Mix 3:49
Download Think About Us Little Mix 3:55
Download Strip (feat. Sharaya J) Little Mix 3:19
Download Monster In Me Little Mix 3:45
Download Joan of Arc Little Mix 3:11
Download Love a Girl Right Little Mix 3:02
Download American Boy Little Mix 3:11
Download Told You So Little Mix 3:12
Download Wasabi Little Mix 2:34
Download More Than Words (feat. Kamille Little Mix 3:18
Download Motivate Little Mix 3:21
Download Notice Little Mix 3:34
Download The Cure Little Mix 3:35
Download Forget You Not Little Mix 3:07
Download Woman's World Little Mix 3:37
Download The Cure (Stripped) Little Mix 1:47
Download Only You Cheat Codes & Little Mix 3:09
Download More Than Words (feat. Kamille Little Mix 3:19


  • .

    By )()()())())(())(
  • Eh

    By Charlienofear
    Glad to see they’ve grown out of their bubblegum pop,but tbh I preferred that....a lot of these songs are poor and too slow
  • My Favourite girl band.

    By Keelzyy Jamio
    Perrie, Jesy, Leigh-Anne and Jade are absolutely outstanding ❤️
  • Little Mix Fan

    By TLMF The Little Mix Fan
    I Love little Mix That is the only artist I’ll listen to and this is one of the best albums they’ve done Tori
  • Flawless

    By Cool_boy_jon
    Every song is single-worthy; there isn’t a bad song! It’s innovative and they’re growing up with more mature lyrics and themes. Brilliant.
  • Pop perfection at its best

    By KieranGA
    No matter where you are from, what music you like or your thoughts on girl groups, there is NO DOUBT you know of Little Mix, and their work. And the reason is because they are an unstoppable force of resilient, determined, hard-working brilliance. This is the new ear of Girl Power. The Spice Girls started a trend and what followed was a a replica in different forms with different success levels: But in 2011, four girls who didn’t even know each other were put together on a TV show and they were to change the way Girl groups were viewed, forever. This album is, in their words, “the album they have always wanted to make” And what an incredible album it is. I have waited over 10 weeks to write this review because not only am I a fan, but I am an avid supporter of the girls journey, their story, their struggle and their triumph. Right from the start, their a-capella opened of National Mantham is the hook you need to really understand that these girls know their strengths. They. Can. Sing. And this album proves They. Can. Write. Long gone are the days of Black Magic and Wings and what we have now are deep, meaningful and moving songs like “Strip” “Woman’s World” and “Monster in Me” and “The Cure” feels like a song that culminates the girls personal and professional lives in one stunning, harmonic and honest 3 minutes of perfect pop music. This is the definition of the perfect album. It’s progression, perfection and simply outstanding. The world should brace itself because I know what’s next is only going to be even better. Thank you for this masterpiece, girls.
  • No no no

    By Manchesterone
    Please stop !!
  • LOVE IT!

    By Little Harmony Grande
    I’m a mixer and I love it. Best album yet, it has some brilliant songs on it but there is only one song that I do not like and that is Joan Of Arc, it has a great message to empower women and for equality but it does not have a good tune, there is to much rapping and I’m not used to that kind of Little Mix. My Absolute Favourites are Strip, Woman’s World, Woman Like Me, Think About Us, Wasabi and Only You. This is definitely there best because they took it to the next level. Well Done Girls!
  • Have LM ever been to an LM concert?

    By Rummblytum
    These girls have got no idea who their target audience is (mainly mums and primary school children). I’ve taken my young girls to a little mix concert, never again. Not unless you’re the type of person that thinks it’s funny for your kids to be swearing along to music. Wake up Little Mix, take some inspiration from Ed Sheeran’s more recent work, when he said to a taxi driver once “you should bring your kids to my concerts“, the taxi driver said “can’t do that mate, you swear way too much“. Ed then worked his album removing obscenities.
  • Is this really them?

    Ok, I used to love little mix but now they are making not good songs with weird names and they never used to swear in their songs but now they do. Is this really Little mix? I think the fact of being famous made them get carried away. Little mix probably got abducted by aliens and the girl aliens turned to humans and took over little mix. But seriously I’ve only listened to one of the songs from this album, but I think one too many. Cause the song I listened to was really bad. Why was it on the charts?