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Mumford & Sons

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2018-11-16
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 14
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Title Artist Time
Download 42 Mumford & Sons 4:00
Download Guiding Light Mumford & Sons 3:37
Download Woman Mumford & Sons 4:34
Download Beloved Mumford & Sons 4:25
Download The Wild Mumford & Sons 5:31
Download October Skies Mumford & Sons 3:43
Download Slip Away Mumford & Sons 4:55
Download Rose of Sharon Mumford & Sons 3:23
Download Picture You Mumford & Sons 4:03
Download Darkness Visible Mumford & Sons 3:11
Download If I Say Mumford & Sons 4:29
Download Wild Heart Mumford & Sons 5:05
Download Forever Mumford & Sons 4:36
Download Delta Mumford & Sons 6:16


  • Great album, Forever is beautiful!

    By stephmc91
    Forever is a stunning song! The album itself has great narrative and gets better with every listen! Praise be they are back!
  • Reviewer

    By Predator 2012
    Sadly not a fan of this Album great lyric writing but it's not the Mumford & Sons I remember,sounds very slow depressing,there other songs have speed and an uplifting vibe.
  • Love it!

    By Jabstiks
    Didn’t love guiding light when it came out, so was nervous about this being a poor album. But after the first listen I love it, so much to take away. So many amazing songs, so much exciting production and great song writing. Album 3 was a massive surprise in sound, just as this is. Instead it feels like now they have combined the sound of all 3 albums and then added some new sound on top of that. An all round great album! Stand out tracks: Rose of Sharon, Darkness Visible, Forever
  • Incredible ....the acoustic live tracks another level again

    By UncleAlbert_04
    Bought the HMV version with the additional live from the electric lady acoustic live tracks ....... Got to say Woman acoustic live is amongst their finest work. Looking forward to seeing the boys live again in Liverpool 2nd December.
  • Disappointed

    By Jim Shoe 001
    Really slow and dull apart from the odd highlight. Yaawn. Looks like I’ll be going back to Babel which is a more like what I want Mumford & Sons to sound like
  • Saying this with love

    By Molly61
    I really am a huge Mumford and Sons fan, love the first two albums and the third grew on me. I want to love this one but I can’t quite. It’s good but not great. What distinguished them from Adele and Coldplay etc was the clarity and musicianship, as well as great vocals, and memorable antigenic bits. Much of this is over-produced and generic. Sure it will sell well, but remember who you are guys, it’s what made you great.
  • Never fail to bring out great music!

    By Redsonja93
    Mumford and sons can release song after song and they are just so great! Some songs can sound fairly similar but yet you’ll never get sick of them and how truly good the tracks come out. A one of a kind band!
  • Delta

    By bobbins101
    Brilliant. Can’t love it enough. Back and back in style.
  • Musically “Nice” but so very dull

    By Berkeley384
    This is not an album to pick you up when you’re down. This is not an album to lift your spirits. Musically it’s very “nice” but oh my world, it’s a long dull slog! Cripplingly depressing.
  • Bland and forgettable

    By Kotatsu Neko
    Mumford and Sons started out as a somewhat unique band. They were the British hillbilly banjo band, and there aren't many of those. It was a USP, and their toe tapping tunes really stood out. That's long gone now. Their last album threw away anything which made them unique, and they certainly haven't changed track on this new album. There's nothing offensive here, it's just derivative, generic, and forgettable. You won't find a single memorable melody our beat, - this is designed to be played in the background at parties for middle class Londoners whilst they eat humus.