A Star Is Born Soundtrack - Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper

A Star Is Born Soundtrack MP3 Download

Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper

  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Release Date: 2018-10-05
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 35
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Title Artist Time
Download Intro Cast 0:20
Download Black Eyes Bradley Cooper 3:03
Download Somewhere Over the Rainbow Cast 0:42
Download Fabulous French Cast 0:19
Download La Vie en Rose Lady Gaga 2:59
Download I'll Wait for You Cast 0:19
Download Maybe It's Time Bradley Cooper 2:39
Download Parking Lot Cast 0:31
Download Out of Time Bradley Cooper 2:52
Download Alibi Bradley Cooper 3:03
Download Trust Me Cast 0:32
Download Shallow Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper 3:35
Download First Stop, Arizona Cast 0:10
Download Music to My Eyes Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper 3:19
Download Diggin' My Grave Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper 3:57
Download I Love You Cast 0:19
Download Always Remember Us This Way Lady Gaga 3:30
Download Unbelievable Cast 0:28
Download How Do You Hear It? Cast 0:14
Download Look What I Found Lady Gaga 2:55
Download Memphis Cast 0:24
Download Heal Me Lady Gaga 3:16
Download I Don't Know What Love Is Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper 2:57
Download Vows Cast 0:17
Download Is That Alright? Lady Gaga 3:11
Download SNL Cast 0:13
Download Why Did You Do That? Lady Gaga 3:04
Download Hair Body Face Lady Gaga 3:22
Download Scene 98 Cast 0:35
Download Before I Cry Lady Gaga 4:18
Download Too Far Gone Bradley Cooper 1:26
Download Twelve Notes Cast 1:03
Download I'll Never Love Again Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper 4:41
Download I'll Never Love Again Lady Gaga 5:28


  • i love it

    By calbris44
    amazing 😍😍😍😍
  • Amazing emotional journey

    By quill1982
    Omg what a film The soundtrack is amazing
  • Unbelievable

    By asmi67
    Cooper’s singing and Gaga’s acting is mesmerising
  • Best movie 2018

    By From 2528
    Well done lady gaga & Bradley Cooper

    By Metters 53
    Such a great film ...Bradley and Gaga amazing together ...music stunning !
  • amazing soundtracks

    By Greg Del Rey
    phenomenal soundtracks just like the movie
  • Incredible piece of art

    By JonnyCTV
    Both the movie and the soundtrack and simply incredible. I've always considered Gaga to be one of the most (if not THE most) talented artists of this generation, not just due to her beautiful voice but how versatile she is at performing. Bradley is simply amazing and is an incredibly talented singer, actor and director. The songs are truly stunning and cause waves of emotions, just like the film. I would recommend that people do watch the film first before listening to the soundtrack as the music is like a character of its own.
  • Just wow

    By Cher x factor biggest fan
    After watching the film I bought this. The film is amazing as are the songs. The one at the end I’ll never line again absolutely broke me. Both lady gaga & Bradley Cooper are amazing singers the film is definitely a must.
  • VERY dissapointed

    By Sam☔️💤
    I feel like this album is boring and cliche, all the “dialogues” are unnecessary filler and for some reason people are saying this is amazing and outstanding but I just don’t see it. I have seen reviews with five stars that are commenting on how good the movie is! This is the album we’re reviewing not the movie! This doesn’t deserve number one.
  • Out of this world!

    By LisaMaffia
    Absolutely incredible film, and the music makes extra special. Lady Gaga's voice blows you away. I’m away to cry some more and listen to it!