A Star Is Born Soundtrack - Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper

A Star Is Born Soundtrack MP3 Download

Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper

  • Genre: Soundtrack
  • Release Date: 2018-10-05
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 35
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Title Artist Time
Download Intro Cast 0:20
Download Black Eyes Bradley Cooper 3:03
Download Somewhere Over the Rainbow Cast 0:42
Download Fabulous French Cast 0:19
Download La Vie en Rose Lady Gaga 2:59
Download I'll Wait for You Cast 0:19
Download Maybe It's Time Bradley Cooper 2:39
Download Parking Lot Cast 0:31
Download Out of Time Bradley Cooper 2:52
Download Alibi Bradley Cooper 3:03
Download Trust Me Cast 0:32
Download Shallow Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper 3:35
Download First Stop, Arizona Cast 0:10
Download Music to My Eyes Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper 3:19
Download Diggin' My Grave Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper 3:57
Download I Love You Cast 0:19
Download Always Remember Us This Way Lady Gaga 3:30
Download Unbelievable Cast 0:28
Download How Do You Hear It? Cast 0:14
Download Look What I Found Lady Gaga 2:55
Download Memphis Cast 0:24
Download Heal Me Lady Gaga 3:16
Download I Don't Know What Love Is Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper 2:57
Download Vows Cast 0:17
Download Is That Alright? Lady Gaga 3:11
Download SNL Cast 0:13
Download Why Did You Do That? Lady Gaga 3:04
Download Hair Body Face Lady Gaga 3:22
Download Scene 98 Cast 0:35
Download Before I Cry Lady Gaga 4:18
Download Too Far Gone Bradley Cooper 1:26
Download Twelve Notes Cast 1:03
Download I'll Never Love Again Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper 4:41
Download I'll Never Love Again Lady Gaga 5:28


  • Very poor

    By coops8000
    Seams to be more talking and clips form the flim than songs, would like a refund from this very poor album...how it passes as an album is just mad. Big thumbs down.
  • Make. It. Stop!

    By Dec12er
    Shallow has to be one of the most poorly written chart tracks in recent years. The album is bland, boring and forgettable from start to finish. Not looking forward to people murdering these on reality shows and at the karaoke.
  • Love it - cried watching the film & very passionate!!

    By Kebab7777
    Amazing and the passion is amazing, fantastic song and performance from both Cooper and Ga Ga.
  • Butiful

    By gwenypop123
    Love the music xx
  • A soulful song

    By Mattystuart
    This album is emotionally provoking and well balanced lyrically. It has a vulnerability to it that adds to its magnetism. Also the chemistry of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper is undeniable which gives the album an innocence and an honesty.
  • Right in them feels.

    By Robbie emberson
    Beautiful heartfelt music.
  • Bland

    By Gstar2000
    Boring and bland. Bradley cannot sing. The Lady Gaga tracks are ok, but it gets very boring after the second time listening too..
  • Album splitting

    By Mooch1
    This album has come down in two parts which is a pain ,track 12 14 15 and 23 and 33 are in a separate album ,(which is the same as another person has put )but still love the album ,looking forward to watching the film now
  • Great album... let down by the record labels incompetence!

    By The Faithful Penguin
    If you buy this album then be prepared to have the album download in two parts. Tracks 12, 14, 15, 23 and 33 have album info missing which causes the album to split into two parts. Apple should insist that the record labels fix these problems... but they won’t. 1 star for the muppet that was too lazy to check that the album info was correct. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper are amazing together. Great acting, great vocals and an undeniable chemistry between them is what makes the film ‘a must see’ and the album ‘a must buy’... and a definite 5 star album, regardless of it downloading in two parts.
  • A Star(s) Is Born!

    By GagaIsALegend
    THE CHEMISTRY! Oh my god could light a match! 10/10 both incredible artists.