Simulation Theory (Deluxe) - Muse

Simulation Theory (Deluxe) MP3 Download


  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2018-11-09
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 16
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Title Artist Time
Download Algorithm Muse 4:05
Download The Dark Side Muse 3:47
Download Pressure Muse 3:55
Download Propaganda Muse 3:00
Download Break It to Me Muse 3:37
Download Something Human Muse 3:46
Download Thought Contagion Muse 3:26
Download Get Up and Fight Muse 4:04
Download Blockades Muse 3:50
Download Dig Down Muse 3:48
Download The Void Muse 4:44
Download Algorithm (Alternate Reality V Muse 3:32
Download The Dark Side (Alternate Reali Muse 3:54
Download Propaganda (Acoustic Version) Muse 2:58
Download Something Human (Acoustic Vers Muse 3:46
Download Dig Down (Acoustic Gospel Vers Muse 3:57


  • Amazing!!!

    By Emyr Gibson
    Cant wait to see them perform these songs live. Love this album. MUSE back with a blast at last 👏👏👏👏👍👌😎❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Awesome

    By Joy_2505
    The extra versions on this new album are just fabulous !!!!! This is a new idea of doing acoustic and it's outstanding 1 well done guys.
  • Super album

    By MrMAMoore
    Well what can I say I’m a big Muse fan & this is the first album I have love from start to finish. Every track is on a league of its own. Matts voice is magical as always. There’s something in here to please all Muse fans. The story telling videos are ace as well.
  • Amazing

    By pward2482
    Muse with another superb album what can I say apart from listen and enjoy going to see them on your next year can’t wait 👍
  • 5*

    By Marleymoos123
    Having read a few negative reviews about this latest album, I feel I need to say my piece. I have followed this band from their first album Showbiz, when I was a twenty something, music loving nerd. I’m now a forty something, music loving less of a nerd. This album in my view is one of their best. Yes, their sound has changed, yes, they have become slightly more conformist, but hasn’t every band? In order to sell records and to still be current, every band has to change maybe just a little bit, but as soon as a Muse track comes on the radio, to me it is instantly recognisable, in my mind that is the sign of a great band (only Queen and GreenDay have that ability with me) I for one applaud Muse for adapting their music and for keeping me mesmerised for nearly 20 years!!!!
  • Lost their way

    By Ed_Stubbs
    it's not for me: neither the electronic hooks it could have had, nor any decent beats. Like a sort of Daft-Punk Lite minus the drugs. Absolution still great though.
  • !!!

    By Mia Venus
    Obsessed with this album
  • Quite disappointed

    By Dave1988bad
    Once again they proved the old Muse is gone for good
  • Superb

    By Ccmatic
    Unexpected delight. Listened to a YouTube review and kinda decided to miss this release - the first since 2000 - as it appeared to be substandard for Muse. How wrong. I relented and gave it a chance. Yes, it’s more commercial, yes it’s got Prince and Timberlake stamped on tracks, but the overall effect is uplifting and joyful. It’s tremendous. It’s a tonic for those who take Muse too seriously.
  • Diluted

    By odd ball
    I’ve loved Muse since the early days, but as the albums come out, they’re music, style and impact becomes more diluted, it seems to me