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  • Reflective and very beautiful .....

    By NetzK
    After reading a review likening the orchestration to Nick Drake’s stunning ‘Bryter Layter’ I bought this album and I am SO glad I did. It is reflective and very beautiful. For me, it feels like the ghost of David Bowie wanders through the album, Paul Weller’s voice is sublime and the orchestration is magnificent. I’ve found it beautiful and moving to listen to.
  • Weller worth it

    By justhammers
    His best album for many years.
  • Dreadful

    By Ogg998
    What an absolute pile of tosh. Yawn, yawn, yawn. Every single track is low(no) tempo dirge. Weller has lost his way. Once, many years ago, he mentioned that at one point in the Style Council he was just messing around and seeing how much he could get away with. This seems like he’s at it again but this is just miserable dirge. He’s 60 now and apparently to old to rock anymore. As long as the Stones, AC/DC and the like are still banging it out, there are no excuses. Massive disappointment.
  • Mrs M

    By Miss1805
  • Zzzzzzzzzz

    By Fleegle1973
    Boring dross Paul at least it might make me fall asleep what's happened to you man.
  • A Masterpiece

    By Bader minehoff
    Having grown up listening to PJW this is quite simply something that you cannot fail to love, it’s mature depth is a masterpiece of his work From “Soul Searchers right through to “White Horses” there simply isn’t one bad track on this album and if you don’t like it your not listening.
  • beautiful

    By paulharmony
    A true listening album that takes you on winding roads through mountains, valleys and forests of sound and meaning. At the very least, a yearly treat forever more. thank you Paul.
  • Melancholic melodies. Certainly not “same old”

    By RonnyBenny
    We love this recent release. Full of thought and feeling. Most definitely NOT same old.
  • Tenderness magnified

    By revoxx
    Orchestration makes this a mellow outing. Reminds me of Nick Drake’s Bryter Later album. I must say I like this at 3am. But it wouldn’t get me out of bed (like Saturn’s Pattern would) the next morning. There’s a coming to terms with life’s grandness here. Books, Soul Searchers, What Would He Say for example. But what a writer. What a musician. Integrity plus. Beauty is truth.
  • Yawn

    By Jokemapopx
    For too long he's played the same trick? No melody to speak of and sounds tired. Hey let him indulge it ain't hurting anyone