Scorpion - Drake

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  • Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
  • Release Date: 2018-06-29
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 25
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Title Artist Time
Download Survival Drake 2:16
Download Nonstop Drake 3:58
Download Elevate Drake 3:04
Download Emotionless Drake 5:02
Download God's Plan Drake 3:18
Download I'm Upset Drake 3:34
Download 8 Out Of 10 Drake 3:15
Download Mob Ties Drake 3:25
Download Can't Take a Joke Drake 2:43
Download Sandra's Rose Drake 3:36
Download Talk Up (feat. JAY-Z) Drake 3:15
Download Is There More Drake 3:46
Download Peak Drake 3:26
Download Summer Games Drake 4:07
Download Jaded Drake 4:22
Download Nice For What Drake 3:30
Download Finesse Drake 3:02
Download Ratchet Happy Birthday Drake 3:27
Download That's How You Feel Drake 2:37
Download Blue Tint Drake 2:42
Download In My Feelings Drake 3:37
Download Don't Matter To Me (feat. Mich Drake 4:05
Download After Dark (feat. Static Major Drake 4:49
Download Final Fantasy Drake 3:39
Download March 14 Drake 5:09


  • Unreal

    By stevewonderlovesflannels
    What a beast
  • Horrendous & overrated

    By Dame Agatha Christie
    Sounds like a Dalek with a cold.
  • Really 🤔🤦🏼‍♂️

    By Iain 59
    Just don't get it this guy hasn't even got a good voice to rap, let alone sing. Truly don't get the hype. I'd rather listen to Kendrick or Devlin where there is some grit and interesting melodies.
  • Not as “nice” as More Life

    By damian.urbaniak
    Drake gives a very good performance in this album. I enjoyed some tracks. He is not as “nice” as in the album More Life. There is a lot more agression and hate in the lyrics and the beats are a bit to minimalist and not as up beat for my taste. If I haven’t bought More Life, this would be a 3-4 star rating but sadly this album did not meet my expectation. Looking forward to more material from Drake in the future though. I would like him to go back to more melodics and the “lighter” side of entertainment.

    By Marshmelloguy
    so glad he did this song with Michael! Love this song surprises his other one is doing better than this!
  • C rap

    By daz diggler
    If you’re into Hip Hop stay clear of this ,but if you’re into pop music you’ll be brainwashed by this monotonous drone of drivel that Drake produces (Lets try keep Hip Hop real)
  • It don’t matter to me

    By Nathan360
    It’s must have album in your iTunes library. My favourite song on this album is “ it don't matter to me” . Number one for sure!.
  • shitty

    By pvristic
  • Jusus?

    By Leighs'world
    Hilee Beautyiful öäö
  • Tuneless, soulless and pointless

    By Mehmehvvavsbsbsbbsbsbbs
    Drake makes the occasional listenable song but this is awful in the extreme.