Restless Minds - Ward Thomas

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Ward Thomas

  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 2019-02-01
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 15
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Title Artist Time
Download No Filter Ward Thomas 3:07
Download Lie Like Me Ward Thomas 2:55
Download One More Goodbye Ward Thomas 3:39
Download It's Not Just Me Ward Thomas 3:12
Download Ain't That Easy Ward Thomas 3:10
Download Rather Be Breathing Ward Thomas 3:21
Download Hopeless Ward Thomas 3:13
Download Never Know Ward Thomas 2:45
Download Same Love Ward Thomas 3:15
Download Changing Ward Thomas 4:03
Download No Fooling Me Ward Thomas 2:46
Download I Believe in You Ward Thomas 3:01
Download Little Girl Sorrow Ward Thomas 3:35
Download Deepest You Ward Thomas 3:46
Download This Too Will Pass Ward Thomas 3:52


  • Refreshingly new

    By Alvaman2015
    Every now and then there comes along fresh new talent that just makes you feel good. Brilliant album 😂
  • A Stunning Record

    By DTeen13
    Absolutely love this record - such an emotional journey and having both a country and a pop feel to it makes the ride more enjoyable!
  • Hamish

    By Hamkoosh
    An example of what good music sounds like!

    By jessssgraham
    Absolutely a must have album!!!!
  • Amazing

    By Ahahahfn
    So good
  • Beautiful

    By Terriaann
    Every track teases different emotions, and unlike many albums, every track is a stand out. Such great vocals and hope the twins get the recognition they truly deserve! <3
  • Amazing!

    By LiamLFCButler
    This album is so good! Love every song! 👏🏻
  • Great

    By rachel13x
    Loving the new songs so catchy x
  • The girls are smashing it again!

    By AdecK_P
    These girls are unstoppable machines writing great songs! I don’t really know how they do it, but every time they release a new song it stays in my head for days! Great vocals, beautiful harmonies and incredible hooks, instant hits! I wish Catherine and Lizzy the success and recognition they truly deserve!
  • Country is what it is!

    By Big Scottish DJ
    Imagine that every song classified as Rock was presented to you? It would range from old punk to grunge to heavy metal and even thrash metal and other obscure tastes. Get the idea? So Country has a similar spectrum from traditional Americana and Bluegrass to Western Swing bands, to FLG and others at the 'pop end' as you’ve described it. Artists themselves can move between these different parts of Country music as the mood takes them and yes, even cross-over into other genres too. Yes, the purists (who usually have never been to Nashville or even the USA) get upset by those that don’t keep to the imaginary rule-book. But hey! Its a big world out there full of young people that enjoy the variety on offer from Country music. Ward Thomas have worked very hard to deliver on their own art and the hope that their fans will listen and enjoy what they do. They have written and recorded in Nashville and written with those that will help them earn a living from their work. Its really nobody's business to tell others what is and isn't country. Personally, I hate that music is put into 'Genres' by the radio station owners like Bauer Media or even Billboard, that just exacerbates the problem. It's all Music pure and simple, good or bad, and its your own opinion that counts. But do keep it to yourself please.