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  • Great album

    By DerryGuy101
    Great album from the legend McCartney.
  • Give It Up Please!

    By Dr_D666
    Stop subjecting us with this mediocre Pip Pap POP Muzak. Why oh Why didn’t he realise that after his performance at the Olympic Games in 2012 his time was up.
  • He's done it again.

    By Richard 67
    This would be a great album if written/performed by a 35 year old, not a 75 year old who has every entitlement to retire. But PM doesn't retire - and this record proves why he shouldn't . Sure, the voice is a little strained these days (though Elton dropped a key at 55 !)...The first 3 songs are brilliant - Dominoes, Despite..., Hand-in-hand superb. It's just PM having a ball - and the fact this album is No 1 in USA and No 3 in UK tells you that you reallt ought to buy it. Interesting that Eminem is vying for No 1 - but will he be still producing music in 75 ? Dont make me laugh.
  • Bishop2knight6

    By Bishop2knight6
    Incredible. #legend 🤙🏻🎸👍🏻🇬🇧
  • The Emperor’s New Clothes

    By Dalmation Coco
    Once again we have another new album from Paul McCartney and with it comes the usual great reviews and 5 stars. What are the 5 stars for ? if its because of the great songs he co-wrote with John when he was a Beatle, or some of his early solo work, then that does not merit giving 5 stars for music he did in the past when reviewing Egypt Station in 2018. Like all his other solo work over the past 40 years, it has been very mediocre to say the least. As a solo artist, his only albums that deserved credit were Band On The Run (1974) and Venus and Mars (1975). Out of kindness I will also include his live album Wings Over America (1976) but back to Egypt Station, I am afraid it was just not made for these times. Martin Stockport
  • With £750m he doesn’t have to do this any more

    By Graham1971
    But thank god he does! Endless tune master, such a catchy single and the rest of the album is a great diverse mix. At 76 he’s still got it, and will keep doing it because he wants to.
  • 🗣......Brilliant.......again 👍

    By Mr Parlophone .....
    Wasn’t really expecting too much with this album. But blown away with each track. Could end up being his best 🤫
  • Steve

    By S R D
    All I can say is brill. Fantastic collection of new music by Macca. Been fan for ages
  • Immortal

    By Sweet Cheeks Weeks
    This guy just keeps going. One of the originals, we are so lucky he cares enough to still write music after all this time. The album? It's great. Look, I'm not one for 'it should be more like this, it should be more like that.' It's Paul McCartney Egypt Station. Shut up!
  • Impressed

    By Mr G & His Wheels Of Steel
    Having originally heard only 'Fuh You' track via another source, I wrote a comment expressing my disappointment at McCartney's decision to record such a song. However I pushed myself and listened to the complete album when it became available and I have to say it has to be my favourite album of Paul's since Band On The Run. He has without doubt attempted to get down a bit with the kids on this album but it works. I would defimnatly recommend anyone to give this a listen.