Hullabaloo Soundtrack - Muse

Hullabaloo Soundtrack MP3 Download


  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2010-04-27
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 21
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Title Artist Time
Download Forced In Muse 4:17
Download Shrinking Universe Muse 3:07
Download Recess Muse 3:35
Download Yes Please Muse 3:05
Download Map of Your Head Muse 4:23
Download Nature_1 Muse 3:39
Download Shine (Acoustic) Muse 5:11
Download Ashamed Muse 3:47
Download The Gallery Muse 3:30
Download Hyper Chondriac Music Muse 5:29
Download Deadstar (Live from Le Zenith) Muse 6:03
Download Micro Cuts (Live from Le Zenit Muse 3:30
Download Citizen Erased (Live from Le Z Muse 7:21
Download Showbiz (Live from Le Zenith) Muse 5:04
Download Megalomania (Live from Le Zeni Muse 4:36
Download Darkshines (Live from Le Zenit Muse 4:37
Download Screenager (Live from Le Zenit Muse 4:22
Download Space Dementia (Live from Le Z Muse 5:32
Download In Your World (Live from Le Ze Muse 3:11
Download Muscle Museum (Live from Le Ze Muse 4:28
Download Agitated (Live from Le Zenith) Muse 4:11


  • You don't get much worse than this

    By Robzi.
    A pathetic excuse for music. I actually feel physically sick when I am subjected to this trash.
  • MICRO CUTS!!!!!!!

    By Ethan8
    Micro cuts is such a good song and even better live. I also like showbiz. MUSE ARE EPIC!!!!
  • Pure Epic...

    By Rose ~V
    i love this album so much!! When i came across it i felt like id found a treasure chest!! I recomend this album to anyone even non Muse fans. My favorites are Shrinking Universe, Nature_1, Recess, Map Of Your Head and Hyper Chonndriac Music. Also the live songs are very good quality so do not seem like they deserve less a place on the album. JUST BUY IT!
  • Excellent

    By Number 1 puppy lover
    This album is sensational cd1 is outstanding cd2 is even better. It isn't the best muse album but it is still amazing.
  • Muse

    By Sam Dolbear
    Muse must be one of the best bands around no question about it and this album and It is 50/10 and my IT teacher knows Matt B as well woop
  • great

    By theguru5
    the gallery is trip-hop, and so is forced in. they're my favourites
  • Great

    By Me10123
    This is such a good album. There are loads of songs (21) in total and for a briliant price
  • WOW

    By lozza123
    This CDs well good for 4.99 you get loads of song and its really cheap!!!!! I LOVE MUSE!!!!!!!!!!

    By HarryHarrixon
    Amazing album, especially love 'The Gallery' ...could anybody classify what genre 'The Gallery' is?
  • Hullabaloo Soundtrack

    By CSI Browne
    Hullabaloo is a incredible collection of b-sides from one of the best bands i have ever heard. The 1st disc has all the great b-sides, which are all worthy of being on any of their albums. My favourites being Forced In, Shrinking Universe, Recess, Yes Please and Map Of Your Head. Also the song titled Hyper Chondriac Music is actually a slowed down version of Hyper Music from Origin Of Symmetry. It sounds less heavy, but when the chorus kicks in it sounds very epics. The 2nd disc of the album is from a live recording in Le Zenith, Paris. There is also a live DVD that has been released that has all the live concert on, it is incredible. I have seen this album on for about £4.99. And that is for the CD's. Top 6 B-Sides 1 - Shrinking Universe 2 - Yes Please 3 - Forced In 4 - Recess 5 - Map Of Your Head 6 - Hyper Condriac Music Top 6 Live! 1 - Space Dementia 2 - Showbiz 3 - Deadstar 4 - Citizens Erased 5 - Muscle Museum 6 - Megalomania