Raise Vibration - Lenny Kravitz

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Lenny Kravitz

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2018-09-07
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 12
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Title Artist Time
Download We Can Get It All Together Lenny Kravitz 4:40
Download Low Lenny Kravitz 5:18
Download Who Really Are the Monsters? Lenny Kravitz 5:19
Download Raise Vibration Lenny Kravitz 5:27
Download Johnny Cash Lenny Kravitz 6:18
Download Here to Love Lenny Kravitz 4:42
Download It's Enough Lenny Kravitz 7:54
Download 5 More Days 'Til Summer Lenny Kravitz 4:02
Download The Majesty of Love Lenny Kravitz 5:49
Download Gold Dust Lenny Kravitz 5:08
Download Ride Lenny Kravitz 5:58
Download I'll Always Be Inside Your Sou Lenny Kravitz 3:58


  • Brilliant...however!

    By El DudeErino
    Let me start by saying I have been a fan of Lenny Kravitz’s since he released Let Love rule and have happily purchased every album he has released since. Our man is an extremely talented multi instrumentalist who can though be a bit of a massive diva...but that’s not a crime. So to raise vibration which is brilliant, funky and in the case of “It’s Enough” almost brought a tear to my eye when I first saw/listened to the video that was released a month or so back. In many ways it’s Lenny at his best...however he has let the diva in him get the better of things and I think it pulls down what is a great album. “Here to Love” there is just no excuse for, and is just to self indulgent. “5 More Days ‘Till Summer” is also just to OTT as is the tittle track “Raise Vibration” Take these tracks out of the equation and your left with a brilliant album...but they were left in and just pull the whole thing down. Look don’t get me wrong Prince made some howlers & yet we all saw his genius. So as I say a brilliant album however the diva brings it down.
  • Please

    By Jokemapopx
    Pretentious wanna be you still are
  • Brilliant...however!

    By El DudeErino
    Let me start by saying I have been Lenny Kravitz fan since he first released let love rule and have purchased every album he has released, and I think he is great. Can be a bit of a diva at times but hey that’s not a crime. So to this latest album which I think is brilliant and is an album Lenny has been threatening to make for some time now, and is beautifully funky in places. I love The Majesty of Love, and Its Enough almost made me cry when I first heard and watched the video...our man has a point. However Lenny as let that diva in him get far to out of line and I am afraid I think Here to Love is just woeful and really to over the top. I mean there is no excuse for it and this song, and I am afraid 5 More Days ‘Til Summer really being the whole album down. Lenny is better than this. However I will also say that Prince produced some albums that were howlers & we all thought he was a genius, which he was. Lenny is an amazingly talented multi instrumentalist who always inspires me, but the diva in him has pulled this album down. So make of my review what you will, but that’s my two pence worth and would have given 4 stars otherwise.
  • Back to the beginning

    By Londongirl8
    Loving this new Lenny Kravitz CD, the guitar and sexiness of it is great. Low was a great release very mellow and just right. Looking forward to hearing the rest. Lenny is the best!
  • Smooth

    By iiswhoiis7
    Smoooooooth 🎶
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    By §Hackerz§
    Very sexy.
  • Oh yeah Lenny

    By vespabhoy
    Great tunes already and only going to get better.
  • Back to his funky best!!!

    By dmm....
    Can’t wait to see him again in Manchester, UK, June 2018...