High As Hope - Florence + The Machine

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Florence + The Machine

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2018-06-29
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 10
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Title Artist Time
Download June Florence + The Machine 3:41
Download Hunger Florence + The Machine 3:34
Download South London Forever Florence + The Machine 4:22
Download Big God Florence + The Machine 4:01
Download Sky Full of Song Florence + The Machine 3:46
Download Grace Florence + The Machine 4:48
Download Patricia Florence + The Machine 3:37
Download 100 Years Florence + The Machine 4:58
Download The End of Love Florence + The Machine 4:41
Download No Choir Florence + The Machine 2:29


  • A little disappointed

    By lola mindi
    I bought the CD the day it came out and had to wait until yesterday to get it and listen to it. Maybe this built it up too much for me but my overarching reaction (that I almost don't want to admit to myself) is that I'm a little disappointed. I thought that as that album only has 10 songs that these would all be amazing, but there are a couple I've listened to several times and can barely remember them, they don't seem to have any structure or any real melody, and there are some lyrics that made me cringe a bit (e.g. what if one day there is no such thing as snow?). I am a huge Florence fan and love the first three albums and all the odd songs from films etc but this album isn't what I expected. That said, I can't say I love every song on the first three albums, but even songs I don't like such as Queen of Peace, I have to admit it has a good melody and is memorable. But then there are songs which have grown on me so maybe these will too, I hope so because I can tell Florence has put a lot of herself into this album and it feels wrong to not love it.
  • Pop it on, relax under the sun and enjoy

    By Titarnya
    I wasn’t sure when I gave it a first listen. Sounded so low key from the previous albums. Two weeks later and I absolutely love this album. Yes it’s not as as energetic or theatrical as previous albums but this album is beautifully written, Florence vocals are so beautiful. South London Forever, Big God and 100 years are my current favourites but each song has its own special quality.
  • this band only get better!!

    By IndieEFC1878
    Each album Florence and the machine have made has been exceptional...and high as hope is no different. Beautiful lyrics as always and and amazing vocals by Florence!! A must have for any Florence and the machine fan
  • Beautiful

    By RindyPindy🙏🏻
    Enchanting. Just perfect ❤️
  • Amazing!

    By HammyJam2000
    Goosebumps throughout!
  • Beauty

    By Connor Itunes
    Amazing album from what i have heard so far it sounds so amazing and clean 👌👌💜💜 Fav song: Big God
  • High As Hoped!

    By Dmsc@21
    A breathtaking record. The lyrical content is so relatable as well, ‘Hunger’ and ‘Grace’ especially speak to me. Some elements are so minimal and simplistic, yet so beautiful. Whilst others are dramatic, raw and so very Florence. 10/10 🌱🌼🐚🛶🏰✨
  • Amazing

    By Jean May 1975
    I absolutely love every album they make and this is one of the best!😩❤️
  • Yes

    By Livzzz thug life
    Amazing, so beautiful!
  • Great album

    By Ant_*
    Not sure what's up with all these 'reviews' slamming the album when they're dated months before the release of it...obviously pressed stans of other fan bases trying to tear down what their favourites lack. But aside from that, this album is great and sounds beautiful. I've always been a fan of Florence and upon hearing it for the first time I was sceptical but going back over it and listening to it more deeply, I appreciate the sound and dig the vibe of this album. There's not one song I don't like from this album.