Eurovision Song Contest Lisbon 2018 - Various Artists

Eurovision Song Contest Lisbon 2018 MP3 Download

Various Artists

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2018-04-06
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 43
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Title Artist Time
Download Mall Eugent Bushpepa 3:07
Download Qami Sevak Khanagyan 2:57
Download We Got Love Jessica Mauboy 3:04
Download Nobody But You Cesar Sampson 3:03
Download X My Heart Aisel 3:01
Download A Matter of Time Sennek 3:00
Download Bones Equinox 2:59
Download Forever ALEKSEEV 3:00
Download Stones ZiBBZ 2:57
Download Fuego Eleni Foureira 3:03
Download Lie To Me Mikolas Josef 2:50
Download You Let Me Walk Alone Michael Schulte 2:57
Download Higher Ground Rasmussen 3:03
Download Tu Canción Amaia Romero & Alfred García 2:59
Download La Forza Elina Nechayeva 3:04
Download Monsters Saara Aalto 3:00
Download Mercy Madame Monsieur 3:02
Download Storm SuRie 2:57
Download For You Ethno - Jazz Band Iriao 2:59
Download Oniro Mou Yianna Terzi 3:04
Download Crazy Franka 2:59
Download Viszlát Nyár AWS 2:57
Download Together Ryan O'Shaughnessy 2:54
Download Our Choice Ari Ólafsson 2:59
Download Toy Netta 3:00
Download Non Mi Avete Fatto Niente Ermal Meta & Fabrizio Moro 3:02
Download When We’re Old Ieva Zasimauskaite 3:00
Download Funny Girl Laura Rizzotto 3:03
Download My Lucky Day DoReDoS 3:02
Download Lost and Found Eye Cue 3:03
Download Taboo Christabelle 3:01
Download Inje Vanja Radovanovic 3:00
Download Outlaw In 'Em Waylon 2:54
Download That's How You Write a Song Alexander Rybak 3:00
Download Light Me Up (feat. Lukas Meije Gromee 3:00
Download O Jardim (feat. Isaura) Cláudia Pascoal 2:38
Download Goodbye The Humans 2:58
Download I Won’t Break Julia Samoylova 2:59
Download Who We Are (feat. Jenifer Bren Jessika 3:00
Download Nova Deca Sanja Ilić & Balkanika 3:07
Download Hvala, Ne! Lea Sirk 3:00
Download Dance You Off Benjamin Ingrosso 3:00
Download Under the Ladder MÉLOVIN 2:59



    AMAZING ACTS I LOVE ALL THE COUNTRIES STYLES AND THIS ALBUM IS AMAZING.But it can get a little boring.But still it’s great!
  • Best.Eurovision.In.The.History.In.The.World

    By Eurovision Genious
    Well done to all the nations especially Ukraine,Norway,France and Sweden!

    By Emanuela R
    This year was great! Not to happy about the winner but my top 10 are Italy,Romania,Germany,Lithuania,United Kingdom,Ukraine,Hungary,Portugal,Spain and France. Well Done!!!
  • Best Eurovision Album

    By CharlieGB03
    I think Eurovision 2018 had a lot of great songs and was very competitive! I’ll be listening to this all the time!
  • International Music

    By SantianoFrau56
    I'm not usually interested in Eurovision as I only started getting into it last year. UK did so much better in 2017 I was hoping SuRie would get a lot more points but nevermind. I love international music and this is great. Loved the Denmark entry, Romania. Nova Deca is so Awesome, I love that track, I can't stop listening to it. I wish the album didn't have so many album only songs but if you search the individual artists or songs you should be able to find them
  • Virtue Signaling Album

    By dagisto
    Some songs are good, but the winner’s song is a real unnecessary song
  • Scroll down to ponyfan’s review guys

    By sorry ;_;
    You can get single songs individually if you look them up with the artist’s name, way better than just buying the album. Like just search ‘surie storm’ for example and it comes up as a single released by surie rather than by Eurovision.
  • VistaBen

    By Vista Ben
    2018 Eurovision provided us with some excellent songs not to mention performances (Israel) on the night! My favouries were Italy, France, Sweden and Austria...enjoy!
  • For Single Songs...

    By MyLittlePonyFan
    Hello! I've seen some people asking about why you can't buy songs individually. If you want just one song in particular, look it up as each artist I've seen so far has released it under themselves :)
  • Album only!!

    By NeoMand
    I spend money on quite a few Eurovision songs every year, but this year I'm really disappointed with the selection you can buy as single purchases. I don't want the whole album as there are lots of songs I don't like & I don't want to pay £12.99 for them all when I'll only listen to a few. :(