Agust D - Agust D

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Agust D

  • Genre: K-Pop
  • Release Date: 2016-08-16
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 8
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Title Artist Time
Download Give It to Me Agust D 2:29
Download Skit Agust D 1:14
Download 724148 Agust D 3:05
Download 140503 at Dawn Agust D 1:24
Download The Last Agust D 4:05
Download Tony Montana (feat. Yankie) Agust D 3:27
Download Interlude_dream, Reality Agust D 1:32
Download So Far Away (feat. Suran) Agust D 5:58


  • Min yoongi ♡

    By Secret sapphire
    I love this boy so much I adore this mixtape and I just- yoongi we all love you sososo much + @ iTunes please add Agust D seeing as it’s not here and it is the title track ? BuT I’m still putting 5 sTars Because I’m uHH biased as hell don’t take recommendations from me I’ll just say my faves and support others faves
  • Its fire but missing 2 tracks

    By Idontknowwhatnametoputmeow
    So obviously i love my boy Suga but you’re missing two tracks from the album; Intro ; Dt sugA and Agust D
  • LOVE!!!!

    By garrettjai666
    Absolutely love this mixtape! Yoongs done a fantastic job🧡
  • amazing! but sadly misses two tracks

    By myluvyoongi
    so much talent and passion it's overwelming!! i'm so proud of my bby, gosh this album is amazing 5/5. although it does miss the intro and agust d tracks ):
  • Missing two tracks

    By Welshhhhhh
    Amazing songs and amazing artist however, two tracks are missing. The intro and Agust D...where are they itunes?
  • 쇼가❤️❤️❤️

    By みのり-Minori
    I love you Suga, thanks for releasing this on UK itunes! I can finally support you and Jhope! (I don’t know if this was a fault or not... but You left the Intro and Agust D out. Agust D and Give it to me are my ultimate favourites. I’d love to buy Agust D.)
  • amazing

    By A shook person
    just wow
  • MinYoongiGeniusJjangJjangManBoongBoong

    By DancegirlRose
    Swag. But like honestly, every single track is so good and they all have such good meanings to them. You can really tell Yoongi put his heart and soul into this so you should definitely listen to it, like right now.
  • yes

    By Miaowfe

    By Chzgdhofrgsugfehyf
    This is an absolutely fantastic mixtape. It has so much meaning and the tracks are so clever and beautifully made and I’m glad iTunes finally uploaded it. I would have given it 5 stars however, ITS MISSING THE INTRO AND THE MAIN TITLE TRACK, AGUST D. PLEASE CORRECT THIS ITUNES ITS NOT ACCEPTABLE THAT THEY ARE MISSING.