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  • America thirty seconds to mars

    By PINKY1169
    Brilliant from start to finish from an awesome band
  • :(

    By charmaberry
    I miss Tomo.
  • Worth the wait!

    By Teebs1
    Excellent, worth the wait, they’re awesome live too and the current Uber angst in the world makes ‘Walk on Water’ the anthem for the masses of Echelon family and possibly those are aren’t so familiar with 30 Seconds To Mars to?
  • Rubbish - TSTM have lost their plot

    By sanni82
    Where is "rock"? Big thumb down.
  • Sellouts

    By Grant Hanley
    This is not the 30STM I used to love. The This Is War album was full of bold soaring rock music. This is garbage nightclub music.
  • Awful....

    By Stringy88
    How can such a creative rock band come out with so much dross. This is the sort of stuff you hear on talent shows. Must have taken Jared all of 5 minutes to write... It's burning my ears... :-(
  • Evolution is how we all develop...

    By Niooro
    Love this album and Mars are definitely evolving. “30 seconds to mars” was an introduction, “A beautiful lie” had a few classics and followed the same path , “This is war “ was a conflict album and a middle finger to EMI , “Love lust faith + dreams “ was a calming down of the turmoil they had been through with the law suit and “America” is their vision of how they see the world and in-particular they’re own country over the past 5 years. Everyone is not going to like the evolution but U2 have done it decades and I prey 30STM will continue.. amazing album and I can’t stop playing it.. Thank you Jared, Shannon and Tomo 👏🏻🙏🏽
  • Damnnnnn🔥

    By Wealdstone_Raider
    I’ve dabbled in and out of TSTM but now I’m hooked, this may not be like their old stuff, but I can’t say that this album is bad, it’s quite the opposite. - Hail to the Victor is a TUNE!
  • Love

    By Leena21x
  • AMAZING ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    By Gabby💜💕💜💕
    Took me on an emotional rollercoaster. Truly shows the bands evolution 👏👏