Golden - Kylie Minogue

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Kylie Minogue

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2018-04-06
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 16
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Title Artist Time
Download Dancing Kylie Minogue 2:58
Download Stop Me from Falling Kylie Minogue 3:01
Download Golden Kylie Minogue 3:07
Download A Lifetime to Repair Kylie Minogue 3:19
Download Sincerely Yours Kylie Minogue 3:28
Download One Last Kiss Kylie Minogue 3:41
Download Live a Little Kylie Minogue 3:07
Download Shelby '68 Kylie Minogue 3:35
Download Radio On Kylie Minogue 3:42
Download Love Kylie Minogue 2:52
Download Raining Glitter Kylie Minogue 3:33
Download Music's Too Sad Without You Kylie Minogue & Jack Savoretti 4:09
Download Lost Without You Kylie Minogue 4:04
Download Every Little Part of Me Kylie Minogue 2:58
Download Rollin' Kylie Minogue 3:32
Download Low Blow Kylie Minogue 2:56


  • Amazing In A Different Way!

    By Love. Angel. Music. Baby.
    When I first purchased this album I have to admit I wasn't too sure about it, however the more I have listened to it the more it grows on you. I have always been a Kylie fan and it's been a change hearing a more mature reflective sound from the queen of pop. I would recomend this album one of my faves now. Fave songs have to be Shelby 68 & Lost Without You.

    By creeperman89
    She sounds just like Shakira she’s defiantly is going to go far good luck from Australia 🇦🇺💜❤️🧡🖤💛💚💙💞💝💓💗💖💘💕❣️
  • Simply the best

    By Ian - Basingstoke
    This is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best album Kylie has made. The majority of the songs are brilliant. Pity the lead singles were only minor hits but hey, whatever, a great, number one album all round. Best tracks - A Lifetime to Repair, Shelby ‘68 and the duet with Jack Savoretti, Music’s Too Sad Without You. Great to have her back.
  • I’m in Love with Kylie

    By beejay11
    Well I’ve said it before, but Kylie keeps on changing herself and her music. She has done it again, I’ve only listened to the Dancing, and if that’s anything to go by then the rest of the Album will be fantastic I can’t stop loving Kylie
  • Consistent, introspective and enjoyable album

    By Prheathy74
    So, she’s back! After KMO (which despite having some good tracks, didn’t quite resonate with me) I was interested to see what Country Kylie would have to offer. Musically, to me, it’s fairly consistent in its theme, variations of county infused pop, which are different enough from past material to keep delivering something fresh after multiple listens. Sincerely Yours, Music’s Too Sad Without You, Lost Without You, Every Little Part of Me, offer sounds that veer from the ‘country’ theme, but add more texture and depth. Vocally, most of the album is in a lower key, which I prefer (KMO was a hard listen at times!). A lot of the vocals are raw and untreated, which works well given the personal nature of the lyrics. What stops it being a novelty effort (most Kylie fans can name the Kylie incarnations over the years) is the heart and soul she has put into it. She has delivered a quality album through her songwriting, which is honest, insightful (distanced from ‘boy on the dance floor’ type), and fun and relatable. It’s made clear throughout the album that she is an optimist, loves her family, and loves her fans. Heartwarming. Personal Highlights: Sincerely Yours, Raining Glitter, Love. Bugbear: Every Little Part of Me (singing key - in the rafters!)
  • golden

    By gresham flyer
    Im obviously in the minority hear ,but this is pretty desperate stuff , god awful voice completly masked (thank god ) by awful synthasised sound was it ever thus .. jesus she`s CRAP
  • Amazing Return

    By ForeverBuckley
    Kylie has returned to her best with this album - the new sound suits her perfectly and going to a new label that is supporting her is amazing to see. Great to see Kylie so deep into her career still deliver fantastic albums that appeal outside of her core fan base.
  • Makes me want to turn my radio on :)

    By Jack'd-Richie
    What a fantastic album! Initially I was a little sceptical but I have been massively surprised at how much I have enjoyed listening to this. One of her more personal albums but still with a hint of fun! My favourite track is Radio On, beautiful lyrics and marvellously performed. Can’t wait for the tour!!
  • Stylie Kylie is back

    By jaybro2006
    I can’t believe Kylie is 50 but looks about 12
  • Fab

    By ❤️Lexi❤️
    Can't beat a bit of Kylie