Violence - Editors

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  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2018-03-09
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 9
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Title Artist Time
Download Cold Editors 3:38
Download Hallelujah (So Low) Editors 3:55
Download Violence Editors 6:06
Download Darkness at the Door Editors 4:26
Download Nothingness Editors 5:05
Download Magazine Editors 3:55
Download No Sound but the Wind Editors 4:27
Download Counting Spooks Editors 5:43
Download Belong Editors 6:02


  • Found an old friend

    By Antro1202
    An album that gets better with repeated listening by a band I had lost track of until I was blown away by them at Neighbourhood Weekender festival this summer.
  • It’s a grower

    By pirate prentice
    Had the absolute pleasure to see the band live recently, great set. Hard to judge the new tunes against their old classics, but I believe the album is a grower.
  • Can't get into it

    By CreatedNickname12359
  • lol

    By Vvvbbbtttrrraaaa
    This is so lame it’s funny.
  • Superb

    By egansmind
    Strongest album for a while The title track is the best one for me and sounds very Depeche Mode. Hallelujah, Cold and Nothingness and Magazine also excellent. Far more upbeat than 2015’s In Dream
  • As good as ever

    By In a barrow
    Quality LP don’t listen to the negative reviews
  • Nope :-(

    By the_great_soprendo
    I was so looking forwards to this album. So many reviews suggesting this album was going in the right direction but I really have to disagree. Listen to ‘the back room’ before you listen to ‘violence’ and you’ll hear a chasm of difference; put simply ‘the back room’ blows this new album out of the water. I want the old editors back please...pretty please!
  • tHE pULSE

    By Hutch9kg
    arguably the best track but not on the album that i pre ordered from itunes...what a rip off ...if i had known i would have ordered the deluxe from elsewhere,,,put all the songs on ffs or else what is the point in pre-ordering......!!!!
  • First Editors Cd purchased since 3rd Album

    By Ham2505
    Honestly the first cd ive purchased by them since their 3rd release....The inital single Magazine was good .....the second Hallelujah was completely superb.....that single was the push i needed to purchase this excellent return......Cold / Violence / No Sound are all great ...the cd runs as it should....they sound now Depechey Modey , radioheady , Nine Inch Nailsy ........BUT they sound good .......a very welcome return
  • rubbish

    By man of taste
    when they were a 5th rate Joy division rip offs they were better...dull as ditchwater.