Both Sides of the Sky - Jimi Hendrix

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Jimi Hendrix

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2018-03-09
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 13
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Title Artist Time
Download Mannish Boy Jimi Hendrix 5:01
Download Lover Man Jimi Hendrix 3:03
Download Hear My Train a Comin' Jimi Hendrix 7:25
Download Stepping Stone Jimi Hendrix 3:12
Download $20 Fine Jimi Hendrix 4:59
Download Power of Soul Jimi Hendrix 5:55
Download Jungle Jimi Hendrix 3:28
Download Things I Used to Do Jimi Hendrix 3:41
Download Georgia Blues Jimi Hendrix 7:55
Download Sweet Angel Jimi Hendrix 3:54
Download Woodstock Jimi Hendrix 5:19
Download Send My Love to Linda Jimi Hendrix 4:36
Download Cherokee Mist Jimi Hendrix 7:01


  • Same old, same old

    By Carlosw90
    Well, here we have another posthumous Jimi Hendrix album, and the third to be released since Janie Hendrix assumed full control over the Hendrix estate. I'll just cut straight to the chase; the album offers nothing but the same old throwaway tracks we have heard time countless times before, and yet again Hear My Train A Comin sneaks its way onto a posthumous Hendrix album for what must be the billionth time. If you would like to hear Jimi Hendrix play the blues then just buy the far, far superior 1994 album "Blues", and avoid wasting your cash on this blatant cash-grab.
  • Poor

    By Xxxxsy
    Disappointing should’ve been left where it was back in the past
  • Glovebox

    By PhilGlover
    The best by far. Way ahead of his time. Lovely to hear the warm sounds.
  • Philipines 70

    By Daddybear64
    Brill, better than experienced
  • True Legend

    By ManxKarl1960
    Evidence right there as to why he is the greatest rock/blues guitarist ever - Legend !!!
  • Jimi Hendrix

    By Ryan 333
    I personally don't like the album but I can respect the great artist he was when he was alive
  • Mister

    By Big Bri at Portobello
    A new classic, awesome.
  • The legend lives on

    By Music Man 95
    Classic Jimi, Rock on 🤘🎤✌🏻🎵📀🎸
  • All Hail!!!

    By BigGilder
    Jimi you the man 🙌🏻 orgasmic music 💦