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Ed Sheeran

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2017-03-03
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 12
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Title Artist Time
Download Eraser Ed Sheeran 3:47
Download Castle on the Hill Ed Sheeran 4:21
Download Dive Ed Sheeran 3:58
Download Shape of You Ed Sheeran 3:53
Download Perfect Ed Sheeran 4:23
Download Galway Girl Ed Sheeran 2:50
Download Happier Ed Sheeran 3:27
Download New Man Ed Sheeran 3:09
Download Hearts Don't Break Around Here Ed Sheeran 4:08
Download What Do I Know? Ed Sheeran 3:57
Download How Would You Feel (Paean) Ed Sheeran 4:40
Download Supermarket Flowers Ed Sheeran 3:41


  • Divide

    By loly pop 123
    Amazing 5 stars
  • There is no other word for it except AMAZING!!!!❤️🎶

    By Cloughie1714
    Yep no other word
  • Yes

    By adamdeighton
  • Prefer older Ed albums

    By Autumn warrior
    I definitely recommend getting the deluxe edition of this album. I used to like it more but the songs got annoying after a while, especially Perfect. Personally I think that Divide is very overrated. The lyrics of the songs could’ve been better and I find it silly that Ed Sheeran didn’t help to write any of the song lyrics at all. My favourite songs are Castle on the Hill, Shape of You, Nancy Mulligan, How would you Feel (Paean) and Save Myself (pretty underrated song compared to the rest of the album).
  • the most overrated album of 2017

    By Seafood Salad
    never liked ed sheeran. after hearing this album, i dislike him when more. every song on here is pretentious pandering dreck, with lyrics that TRY to sound unique and inspirational, but just end up sounding try-hard-ish and lame. literally every song on here is about 'oo i met a girl and i loooove her' (like pretty much every song in the music business these days). 'shape of you' is an AWFUL AWFUL song, that has been overplayed to DEATH. why do people like it? it's boring, repetitive and dumbed down, with unimaginative lyrics that probably took about two minutes to write. very very bad, doesn't deserve the praise it gets.
  • Awesome

    By conker97
    This album is fantastic it pulled me in from the first time I listened to it and I’ve played it lots more times ever since
  • Brilliant!!!

    By Sindyspicy
    I LOVE the songs shape of you and perfect and I think Ed did a great job!
  • 🙄🙄

    By Chris03071
    Why does he keep releasing awful songs which are played all the time on the radio. Most sound the same. Like most English singers, he is highly overrated
  • Boo

    By Jus 1679
    Crap 😹😹😹😹😹😹😹 don't get it
  • Great album!

    By Chelleyelley
    My husband has converted me to an Ed fan. I love this album. Every song is right up my street.