Blonde - Frank Ocean

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Frank Ocean

  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2017-12-12
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 17
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Title Artist Time
Download Nikes Frank Ocean 5:14
Download Ivy Frank Ocean 4:09
Download Pink + White Frank Ocean 3:04
Download Be Yourself Frank Ocean 1:26
Download Solo Frank Ocean 4:17
Download Skyline To Frank Ocean 3:04
Download Self Control Frank Ocean 4:09
Download Good Guy Frank Ocean 1:06
Download Nights Frank Ocean 5:07
Download Solo (Reprise) Frank Ocean 1:18
Download Pretty Sweet Frank Ocean 2:38
Download Facebook Story Frank Ocean 1:08
Download Close to You Frank Ocean 1:25
Download White Ferrari Frank Ocean 4:08
Download Seigfried Frank Ocean 5:34
Download Godspeed Frank Ocean 2:57
Download Futura Free Frank Ocean 9:24


  • Soo good

    By TheCleverOne0
    Absolutely love it!
  • Perfect

    By Zazzazzazo
    Start to finish an amazing album!
  • Banger

    By Forever unsocial
    Nights 🔥👽🌚
  • Blonde

    By MusicStan07
    I was expecting big things from this album given all the hype surrounding the project, especially from the egoistic man himself, Frank Ocean. The entire album is one big snooze fest, it's bland and boring and not even worth streaming for free, let alone paying hard earned money for it. Not a single song is a standout or even worth listening to more than once. Don't waste your time and money on this talentless man.
  • Better than Channel Orange

    By KatastropicHoliday
    This album is better than Channel Orange, although you have to listen to it half a dozen times to see it. I chose to buy Blonde even though I have that Apple streaming music subscription service because Frank Ocean deserves my £8 and more. So worth the agonizing 4+ yr wait. This guy is a savant.
  • Inspirational

    By Channel blonde
    Mind-blowing, simply mesmerizing
  • amazing!!!!

    By lukabaker
    excellent album for years to come!!!
  • Amazing sound,soul and vision

    By @fadzayimbwanda
    My personal favourites are: Nikes Siegfried Nights Fetura Free
  • Over-Hyped Awful

    By mrozisik
    Loved Channel Orange. There is a reason this album is sold as it is, without singles. Do you remember Terence Trent D'Arby's second album? Similar. Is it the drugs?
  • Very Impressed

    By Laughterbang
    Having not listened to much of the rest of his catalog, I am hugely impressed by this. The unpredictable shifts in style halfway through songs are weird at first but when heard as a whole they blur the distincitons between songs. Nikes and Nights are both excellent. If this is R&B then it sucessfully shrugs off many of the aspects of that genre that can make it generic plastic pop. This is a far more interpid beast.