Skeleton Tree - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

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Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

  • Genre: Alternative
  • Release Date: 2016-09-09
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 8
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Title Artist Time
Download Jesus Alone Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 5:52
Download Rings of Saturn Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 3:28
Download Girl in Amber Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 4:51
Download Magneto Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 5:22
Download Anthrocene Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 4:34
Download I Need You Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 5:58
Download Distant Sky (feat. Else Torp) Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 5:36
Download Skeleton Tree Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds 4:01


  • Best album yet

    By If you want to breath
    Great masterpiece , great film , the closest he has ever let fans . Sad album , will be remembered in our hearts
  • Dissapointing

    By Appfjds
    The last 2 albums are very disappointing. All the beautiful melodies from previous years are gone and instead of singing we now have talking. It all sounds boring and whining. Where are the good old days of Murder Ballads, No more shall we part or Boatman' call? Perhaps Nick Cave should focus his attention to other forms of artistic expression because his music just doesn't have that something special anymore. Poetry or fiction.
  • Career best work of beauty

    This is his best album. Followed closely by its predecessor "Push The Sky Away". It's the album he had to make not what he wanted to. It's all the more poignant for that. The sings could've been ok but instead they are absolutely beautiful. 8 songs was just right. Probably all he could muster.
  • I am so sorry for your loss

    By Bandril
    Wonderful, elegaic and as beautiful as anything you will ever hear. My best friend lives in Brighton and has two beautiful children whom I adore. So near and yet so far; why does beautiful art so often resonate with such pain? Live while you can, Life travels on.
  • Get this album - by far the best...

    By One of yours
    I'm very moved by this album, still getting to know each song, and loving it all already. Heartbreaking, but so beautiful I find it almost comforting in some way.
  • Missing the title track

    By Fiercehairdo
    Wonderful album. But iTunes have botched the distibution because the album downloads without the final title track. Only 7 of 8 songs are downloading. I assume this is happening to other users since the missing song ha s no ratings. Called iTunes Support and had the usual shoddy and slow customer service. Buying the CD instead. Terrible handling by iTunes of a deeply moving and wonderful album by a great artist.
  • Just incredible

    By talkultra
    Cave has always been at his best when stripped down, raw, melancolic and moody. God I love his songs. The Boatman's Call was a song that questioned so much and here on this album he has plummeted to the truth within and what he has produced is a masterpiece that will wash over so many. There is no auto-tune here. It's raw and pure music that is written from a dark and tormented soul. A process that no doubt has helped him (in some way) to try and understand and fathom the loss of his son. This is not a happy album. The album is a melancholic truth that we all will feel at some point in our lives. It's something that will stay with me and may well prove to be Nick Cave's purest and most memorable work. Forget the reasons why you may not like Nick Cave and purchase this. Let it absorb into your soul, trust me, you will find the process a sad one but 100% rewarding one.
  • You will be moved by this...

    By Darkstarr
    I have always preferred crooner Cave to rasping Cave. In other words, I prefer his slower ballads to his bile-filled rants. I never got into Dig Lazarus Dig - although I'm sure it is a good album, maybe one to revisit in the future. It's just not the side of the Bad Seeds that I've been into. My fav Bad Seeds albums are Boatman's Call & No More Shall We Part - mainly because they are filled with the most mournful of ballads - but beautifully sung and played. So I was interested to see which side Skeleton Tree fell into - ballad or bile! I'm pleased to say that this is a ballad album - although using the word 'pleased' feels a little wrong. During the recording of the album, Cave was faced with a personal tragedy so devastating that you can hear it come through in the music. The first track 'Jesus Alone' treads a familiar path - spiritual but with a slightly menacing undertone. But when 'Rings Of Saturn' arrives, the emotion just hits you right in the face. The amazing thing about Nick Cave is that he balances an amazing gift of artistry with total believability. The amount of respect I have for this man and what he can conjure lyrically I just can't put into words. This is truly a heart-wrenching listen, but so beautiful. Check out 'Girl In Amber' for proof. If you like all sides to the Bad Seeds, you will NOT be disappointed by this album. Buy it now.
  • Just one word needed.

    By aaronski
  • Truly amazing

    By Wall 2 Wall
    A 5 star classic, ever track will stay with you. I have never played an album 3 time straight through but did here. Beautiful lyrics.