Hero - Maren Morris

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Maren Morris

  • Genre: Country
  • Release Date: 2016-06-03
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 12
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Title Artist Time
Download Sugar Maren Morris 3:09
Download Rich Maren Morris 3:28
Download My Church Maren Morris 3:17
Download I Could Use a Love Song Maren Morris 3:16
Download 80s Mercedes Maren Morris 3:31
Download Drunk Girls Don't Cry Maren Morris 3:31
Download How It's Done Maren Morris 3:25
Download Just Another Thing Maren Morris 2:58
Download I Wish I Was Maren Morris 4:00
Download Second Wind Maren Morris 3:19
Download Once Maren Morris 3:53


  • H M Whitto

    By Mad whitto
    Easily the best track on the C D
  • Pleasently surprised, not normally my thing at all!

    By paulusthewoodgnome
    Not normally my kind of thing at all, country pop,in fact I hate it being an older country rock guy but this is refreshing from someone who can actually sing without be auto-tuned to death. Good anthemic songs that sound great on a car radio and just a bit edgy.
  • Brilliant

    By DreamerRo61
    My hubby and I love Maren's voice and looking forward to seeing her at C2C today at the 02. Sure the live performance will be as good as this album.
  • A great find!

    By Bax467
    On repeat!
  • Amazing!

    By Pratik_Gajjar
    Only discovered her recently and I'm a huge fan! Anyone complaining about the EP probably should've waited it out. This album is a platform for her future, love it!
  • Expected standard from Maren Morris

    By Vicky1377
    This album is just amazing. Maren Morris is a great artist and writer, love all the songs on this album.
  • Fabulous!

    By xanaduflipper
    Amazing Maren Morris! What a refreshing sound and so many catchy tunes. 80s Mercedes is my absolute favourite! Shame that after buying the EP earlier this year that this wasn't taken into account on price of the album (as 4 songs on both) but for £7.99 the album is reasonably priced anyway. Can't wait a UK tour!!
  • A star for the future

    By Dunky1986
    Great album, I think she will be a real country star of the future. It's just a shame there is so many songs from her recent EP. Would have been nice to hear more new marital
  • Company you keep???

    By Broboy42
    So I bought the ep - Amazing! Pre ordered Hero - all good. 4 tracks from ep also on Hero - thats cool. Hero released - Amazing!!! Love it!!!! Only now have I noticed that the ep has disappeared from my iTunes, is no longer available on iTunes and track 5 from ep - Company we keep has completely gone. I dont have it, cant get it, yet ive paid for it!!!!! What the hell iTunes??????? 5 stars for the album and the talent!!!!
  • Sensational!

    By Somnambulist-86
    Maren Morris is a stand out modern country singer/songwriter for me, every song on this album is brilliant. Sad that Last Turn Home didn’t make it on, so hopefully that’ll be released another time. Saw her play at Country2Country this year and her voice is mind-blowing live. Yes I bought the EP which already has 4 of the tracks on the album, but bought the whole album too as I’m happy to support such a good artist. Would be great to see an acoustic album at some point too.