The Red - The 1st Album - Red Velvet

The Red - The 1st Album MP3 Download

Red Velvet

  • Genre: K-Pop
  • Release Date: 2015-09-09
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: GBR
  • Track Count: 11
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Title Artist Time
Download Dumb Dumb Red Velvet 3:22
Download Huff n Puff Red Velvet 3:01
Download Campfire Red Velvet 3:16
Download Red Dress Red Velvet 3:02
Download Oh Boy Red Velvet 3:08
Download Lady's Room Red Velvet 3:15
Download Time Slip Red Velvet 3:39
Download Don't U Wait No More Red Velvet 2:51
Download Day 1 Red Velvet 3:26
Download Cool World Red Velvet 4:05


  • Not Quite Red Velvet

    By Caitlin1444
    This album is good, not great but good. It loses points for not truly being a Red Velvet album. It doesn't carry their wonderful signature sound over from Happiness and Ice Cream Cake. The Red sounds more like a baby TTS (SNSD) album than a Red Velvet. That being said this is still a good album that's worth your time and money. My recommended songs are, Dumb Dumb, Huff n Puff, Campfire, Red Dress, Ladies Room, Time Slip, Day 1, and Cool World.

    By Lauren1343
    It's truly an amazing album from SM and Red Velvet. You can tell that they are experimenting with the different sounds on the album, but it works very well. Next, I'd love to hear some ballads from Red Velvet. A brilliant album - I wanted it to be longer!
  • Daebak Red Velvet

    By Flora_LN
    The style of RV is so strong. RV is not like sexy or pure girl groups in Korean. RV is RV. Always bring surprises to everyone. Plz Slay. xoxo
  • This album is PERFECT!

    By indie_missy
    I didn't think SM can top off ICC because I thought it was the best song ever and their vocals suited it so well but I was just amazed by how good DUMB DUMB is! All the songs in this album are catchy and beautiful and upbeat! Perfect if you wanna have fun on a weekend! Personally my faves are Dumb Dumb, Don't You Wait No More and Red Dress :D Definitely should buy it and support the girls!

    By JoshJJB1997
    I feel, Red Velvet have always been criticised in one way or another. When the simple fact is that these are extremely talented. They look fantastic, sound fantastic and are fairly popular without being outrageous as some groups feel the need to be. I feel the need to add that although criticised, the things they have been pulled up on have nothing to do with them and all lie with their company, Sm Entertainment, which EVERYONE seems to have a problem with. Company aside, ‘Ice Cream Cake’, their 1st Mini Album was FANTASTIC and the title track remains one of my favourite release this year. I feel, because of the fact this group rely on edgy music videos, in the sense of visual, not overly sexualised 1 bit, and their killer vocals is why they are popular and i mean it when i say this, ‘The Red’ could be the album that might just redeem KPOP from the year of extreme sexualisation. I feel the need to point out that i have NO problem with CERTAIN idols and their sexualised music videos or concepts, most notably Hyuna and STELLAR. But, sometimes when every group tries it, at one time or another, they never really pull it off or dont do it so well, and it comes across as fake. This really is refreshing in a girl group and SM Entertainment as company. This is what people refer as ’typical’ KPOP and not the ‘Westernised KPOP’ and i like that. I like that a rookie girl group, though as successful as they are and as ‘hated’ (to an extent also) too, have been able to keep afloat the KPOP everyone got into. Red Velvet, well done.

    By trinity-m
    What an amazing album from strong rookie group Red Velvet, who only debuted last year, yet they have showcased their potential already with this outstanding album. Each song has a different vibe and makes this album fun to listen to. We can see that Red Velvet are very talented and new member Yeri is proving to be a great addition to the group. This album is one of the best of the year so far and I hope they can win some awards on music shows with Dumb Dumb.